Friday, 21 January 2011

Battleship! Done and done!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Share it Please

Today I finally got it done. The Relthoza Brood class battleship. Phew! The other day I was looking through the archives of Fire Broadside and I realized that I started on this thing back in October. Sure, I haven't really touched it much since, but still! That's quite a while it's been looming over me.

I'm fairly happy with the result although I could feel myself cutting corners here and there. Oh well, it's perfectly fine for tabletop gaming. Some quick snaps:

I do wish the engines would've been a bit larger. Sure, it's slow but not THAT slow. 

 Note the hangar doors center left. Relthoza love themselves some fighters!

And the fleet so far:

Now that I've actually finished this beast I'm thinking about what to tackle next. The sensible thing would be to finish the fleet I think. Or at least three cruisers so I have the complete starter fleet set. But I think I might go with my Witch Hunters or the minis from Earth Reborn first.

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  1. Very nice!

    By the way, how is Earth Reborn? I've been hearing good things about the game, but I'm wary of buying into yet another game like that.

  2. Thanks!

    As far as I'm concerned Earth Reborn is everything it claims to be! So far I've only played up until tutorial scenario 5 so I still haven't used rules like radio scrambling, interrogation or the Mammoth but I can confidently say it's a great game.

    I don't know if you've already read it, but I put my initial thoughts in an earlier post a couple of weeks ago. I'll be writing a proper review when I've played with the complete rules.

  3. Very impressive! Although it reminds me I need to get my own super galactic dreadnought painted :-)

  4. Thanks mr Scribe! :)

    For me painting really is all about actually sitting down and getting started. When you finally got the brush in your hand and paint pots in front of you it's usually fairly quick.

  5. You're right, Martin--I just need to sit down and get some paint on my brush. However, I;m a procrastinator and easily districted, so it's hard for me to get started. It's a nice feeling once I have something painted, though.

  6. Same thing here. But this time I'll try to stay on target and paint a cruiser squadron so that I have a nice fieldable fleet.

    There's always loads of distractions though. Haha!

  7. That is one beautiful battleship! I don't think I could ever get round to painting a FS:A fleet... I've not got round to doing my diddy GZG Neu Swabians yet.

    Nice to see more ships on the table - and looking forward to the Earth Reborn review too.

  8. Lovely - mind me asking what colors (just the main ones) you are using here? I really like these tones and might have to steal this scheme :D


  9. @Tom Thanks! Yes, it might not seem like it but the size of the models really does make an impact on the painting speed. Well, for me at least.
    Neu Swabians?! That's like the coolest fleet! Almost. Get cracking! I want to see it. :)

    @Jarret Steal away! I'd be honoured.

    1. Base coat with 50/50 mix of (Vallejo model) Beige Brown and Black.
    2. Wash with Badab Black.
    3. Highlight gradually with Beige Brown mixed with more and more White (about three stages).

    4. Base coat of 50/50 mix of (Vallejo model) Sky Grey and Black.
    5. Gradually highlight with Sky Grey/White mix.
    6. Wash with Badab Black.

    Details are mostly Dwarf Brown, Burnished Gold and Mithril Silver. And that's about it. If you don't use Vallejo have a look at this Vallejo/Citadel comparison guide.

    I'm sure you could get around all the mixing if you have the right colours, but I'm still fairly limited so I have to do it this way. :)

  10. Hey martin I really like the colour scheme on your fleet so its good to see a painting guide as it were to the colours used!!! I promise not to nick the idea for my own Relthoza fleet ;)

  11. @Frontline Hehe! Feel free to steal away if you want to! Then you, me and Jarrett above could get together and create a massive super fleet! Blowing our enemies into space dust! :D


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