Friday, 21 January 2011

Quick Battleship WIP

Friday, January 21, 2011

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I think I might go back and soften the highlights a bit. They're quite sharp at the moment.

Nope, I didn't manage to finish the battleship yesterday. However, I did finish the brown areas that are the most time consuming. Couldn't do much today since I was working late, but it'll get finished by tomorrow.

And I'm really looking forward to it! There's a bunch of stuff that I want to get started on but this colossus has been holding up the line...

5 kommentarer :

  1. That thing looks massive! Was it cast as a single piece, or did you have to assemble it?

  2. Hehe! Yeah, as I've mentioned before the F:A ships are quite large. :)

    The hull is one big piece while the bridge on top and the two "wings" on each side are separate.

  3. The big boy is starting to look good, keep it up!
    (and make a mental note to self: buy smaller ships in the future ;-))

  4. Very nice. I actually really like the "harder" highlighting.

    A couple of blogs have been mentioning FA lately, and it's making me want to drag my models out and play a game.

  5. @Andy Yeah, the size combined with my painting technique made this a slow project. However, I'm doing the details right now so expect some pictures of the finished product later tonight. :)

    @Rkik With the detailing coming in the highlights are toned down a bit so I think I might just leave it. What fleet do you play?


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