Wednesday, 4 March 2015

February Releases for Infinity!

Let's have a look at the latest releases for Infinity. While there are some basic stuff in there to fill out your link teams there are also a couple of new additions that will be fully introduced in Acheron Falls.

I'll get started with the Nazarova Twins, Kum Enforcers for Haqqislam. The resculpted Kum bikes really are very cool looking and although I'm a little sad the cool sci-fi vibes of the monobikes were replaced with space harleys I do like them. However, I hope we're done with them for a bit now as there's been quite a few space harley releases lately. Now, with that out of my system, let's talk about the actual models! Bikes=cool but sad. Check. The twins... great sculpts (as always these days) and cheesy but in a kind grindhouse way that I actually quite like! I like Zamira the best thanks to that stone cold pose with the shades and the cool looking shotgun (new Haqq light shotgun, right?). Zuleyka is great as well - looking like she just skidded to a stop and is now opening up with her twin breaker pistols! I personally wouldn't paint her top as see-through, but I guess Angel needed some practice. Hehe! Their stats aren't all that impressive as they're basically ever so slightly souped up regular Kum. The only really special thing about them are Zuleykas twin breakers, twin light flamethrowers and her DA close combat weapon. No idea why she got all the cool toys while Zamira is pretty much just a regular Kum. So, you get these guys for the models, not for the stats.

Here comes a completely new unit; Teucer, Agéma's Warrant Officer for ALEPH and what a gorgeous sculpt it is! Someone mentioned that we finally have Adam Jensen in Infinity and I'm inclined to agree. The only thing that's really missing are the cybernetic shades (and a black paintjob), the rest matches up pretty well, even the cybernetic looking arms! I wonder if they do that nifty killy thing that Jensen's does. Nice pose that feels unique and a little odd without being over the top weird or unrealistic. And then there's that gun! The Yu Jing Spitfire have long been my favourite gun in the game, but this ALEPH Feuerbach might have it beat. We got a sneak at his stats as well and Marksmansip X, NWI and either an X-Visor or a MSV2 he certainly knows how to hit his target. Quite pricey at 44+ points, and a bit slow, but this is not a model you'd move around a lot on the other hand. Either way, I'll get him for my Steel Phalanx just for the awesome model! Of course, mine will be be dressed in black.

We can't all be super cool AI sleeves with huge guns, we need grunts as well. Like the new Corregidor Alguaciles support weapon box for Nomads. You probably already know that I quite like these guys and I'm happy we can now field a whole gang of space adventure Cobras not only with combirifles but special weapons as well! Speaking of weapons, the redesigned Nomad guns look great as usual. I like how the sniper is in the middle of a reload and the fairly mundane yet hi-tech looking missile launcher. I think the underslung grenade launcher with a revolver magazine might be my favourite though! I also like how they've managed to make them look like four distinct models rather than two versions of the same bodies (which it actually is). It's probably a tricky feat to pull of, and sometimes it doesn't really work out, but these guys look good I think. The very individual heads help a lot (compared to the Ghulam SWC box for example).

Yet another unit from Acheron Falls! The Igao Unit for Tohaa looks interesting as it is something as rare as a Tohaa without Symbiont armour. It certainly looks a lot different to the regular Tohaa design, somewhat more feral I'd say. And I really dig it! While I like most Tohaa models just fine I feel that many of them suffer from an overabundance of greeblies - that is to say lots of little details on their suit/armour that doesn't seem to have any other function than simply to provide texture. Nothing wrong with that as such, it's the way they're designed, it just doesn't appeal to me personally. That's why this guy with his smoother armour pieces looks interesting to me. And that big helmet is great as well! Nice dynamic pose with the Igao just about to slash some poor sucker in two! So what kind of unit is it? Well, it seems like the Tohaa has kept a close eye on Yu Jing as this guy is pretty much a Tohaa Ninja. TO camo, Martial Arts L3, Infiltration, Kinematica L1 and Multiterrain. Armed with flash grenades and either a Boarding Shotgun/AP CCW or Combi/DA CCW for 25 and 26 points respectively is a steal in my book! What keeps it grounded is Frenzy which will make the Igao a lot less reliable after his first kill. Still... that's cheap!

Last but not least we have a new Tank Hunter with AP HMG for Ariadna. You can tell that the Ariadna Kazaks are getting a more unified look as their models are updated as this is guy looks very similar to the Spetsnazs we've seen released recently. Which is not a bad thing as the miniatures look great! What we have here is a guy seemingly listening to some advice from his CO or perhaps a crude joke from a brother in arms - machine gun slung over his shoulder - ready to head out into battle. While I like the pose I think it'll look a little odd on the battlefield. While we have plenty of "posing" poses they at least usually have their weapons at the ready. Just a slight immersion breaker when we have a guy taking a rest on the field instead of covering his sector. Bit of a nitpick though. I'm sure he'll find his way into my inevitable Kazak force... ;)

So that was February! My top pick this month is Teucer as that gun is just so damn sexy! If I wasn't a bit tired of Kum bikers the sisters might have taken the top spot. See you soon for the March releases.

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Saturday, 28 February 2015

Live Long and Prosper

A life is like a garden. Perfect moments can be had, but not preserved, except in memory.  LLAP
- Leonard Nimoy

Monday, 9 February 2015

Becoming a Dropzone Commander

I've mentioned Dropzone Commander here on Fire Broadside before, and the time to finally jump into the game is near! I have been following Dropzone Commander and Hawk Wargames since the launch in 2012 and was very tempted even back then. Nice looking models with (seemingly) decent rules and a very interesting concept. I think the reason I didn't buy it from the start was the scale, as I didn't want to split my miniature gaming terrain more than absolutely necessary, and that no one in my immediate vicinity seemed interested. Then I came across the Games and Gears Battleboard kickstarter in 2013 and after a lot of thinking decided to go for the DzC board as it still was a game I wanted to play and even though it's the wrong scale it should actually work decently for Infinity in a pinch. Of course, this being kickstarter, there's been a bunch of delays and it now looks like the board might arrive some time during the spring.

A Scourge army moving through a long abandoned city.
With that in mind I've again focused a little extra on Dropzone Commander the last couple of months and everything I liked about it when I first saw it is still there. In fact, it has actually improved in my eyes as the new Resistance faction and many of the newer releases are gorgeous! Oh, and then there's the two player starter set and the plastic starter sets for the four original armies that has made the game so much cheaper to buy into. There's that thing about terrain, but in this case it's kind of the other way around as you get a bunch of paper terrain in the starter box (and I'll get a bunch of extra buildings with my battle board) and even in a non-enhanced state this paper terrain really makes the game look great! When most miniature wargame battlefields are made up of a hill and a couple of small ruins on a grass plain it's very refreshing to see this great city with lots of buildings that dropships can zip around to deliver their cargo. It simply looks good! Of course it can be made to look even better with the resin buildings, or MDF ones from Blotz or 4Ground, but even just the paper terrain from the starter box makes for an excellent looking battlefield.

Of course, the two player starter is the place to... well, start. I've been flagging a little bit about getting into the game in my regular gaming group, to see if anyone would be interested in either of the factions in the starter. But there hasn't been much response, and to be honest I quite like the idea of having two armies for myself! Originally I wasn't very keen on the Scourge but the more I've seen and read about them the better I like them. I mean... they're basically the Reapers from Mass Effect! Who wouldn't like that?! Sure, the details are different (Scourge are basically parasites that attach to a host and control it) but the visual cues are similar and both assimilate species it comes across and make them into biomechanical soldiers. Oh, and take a look at the Desolater... remind you of anything? Right now the Scourge is actually the faction that I'm most interested in and I'm looking forward to putting together an army of alien horrors to rip human faces off!

UCM army on parade.
The United Colonies of Mankind, UCM, also seem to have a pretty clear source of inspiration and this time it's the Colonial Marines from Aliens. While the units definitely have their own style you certainly get that Aliens vibe from them and really... who could complain about Colonial Marines vs Reapers?! Hehe! UCM was probably the army I felt most drawn to when I first saw DzC, and while I still really like them I think I prefer the Scourge. The two other original factions have a more unique feel to them - the Post Human Republic with their slow but heavily armed and armoured walkers and the alien Shaltari with their gate technology. Then there's the new Resistance faction that consists of the people and soldiers that were left behind on the cradle worlds after the Scourge invasion. All good stuff, but right now I'm focusing on the Scourge and UCM in the starter.

Of course the forces in the starter are quite spartan and provide pretty much the bare minimum needed to play. I think the most common game size is 1500 points and while I'm not aiming for that size quite yet I would like to up the 500 or so points in the starter to 1000. The basic idea is to add commanders, elite infantry (got to love those Destroyers!), some scouts and then something fun for th leftover points. I think this would make for two small but fun armies that could show off most of what DzC has to offer. What's missing are fast movers (fighters and bombers) but I feel they are not really a core part of the game so are ok to add later (although the models are spectacular).

Hawk Wargames have just revealed some new Command models and although I quite like the Desolater I think there might be a giant robo-crab in my future. Muahahaa! The UCM Phoenix looks great, but I have a feeling it'll be quite a bit more expensive than the more modest Kodiak so probably not something to fit into a 1000 point army. Then there'll be Praetorians and Destroyers, Wolverines and Prowlers and, for some extra spice, a couple of Longbow Howitzers and a Ravager or two.

Prowlers. I love these little guys! There will be lots... and lots... and lots... 
So yeah, them's the plans! For terrain I'll simply go with the paper buildings and Games and Gears battle board for starters and then add some neat stuff later on. I've always liked the look of a hundred blown out N-scale car wrecks on a DzC battlefield so that's on the list, as well as some buildings from Blotz and 4Ground. Not to mention the special terrain pieces Hawk Wargames has - don't know if I'll go for the monorail or the defence laser first. Hmm...

This has been a kind of non-post as there isn't really much info in here apart from my regular ramblings of what I like. Hehe! When I actually get my hands on the game there'll be some proper reviews and stuff.

Oh, and I almost forgot! Hawk Wargames are coming out with a spaceship miniatures game (hopefully) later this year that is also a part of the DzC setting. It will focus on planetary invasions and be closely connected with the ground based game. The rules are being written by Andy Chambers who, among other stuff, made Battlefleet Gothic and Epic 40,000 - my two favourite GW games - as well as Dust Warfare, that i also really like. I've decided to hold off on Star Wars Armada until I know more about Dropfleet Commander (working name) and it seems like there will be a lot more info and perhaps a proper reveal at Salute. Yepp...
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Sunday, 1 February 2015

Review of Hobbit Tales from the Green Dragon Inn

Let's take a break from the rpg reviews and take a look at a board game released by Cubicle 7 instead! It's called Hobbit Tales from the Green Dragon Inn and is a quick playing storytelling game for two to five players. It also ties into The One Ring roleplaying game (sorry, I lied about taking a break) where it can be used to enhance travelling or simply as a way to find inspiration on the fly.

The game was released in 2013 but I actually didn't get to play it until last year. I had been reluctant to bring it to our board game nights, for some reason thinking it was too much of a narrative focus for some of my mostly board game interested friends. Silly me! While it is certainly a storytelling game in the vein of Once Upon a Time or Dixit I don't think you need to worry about "not being creative enough" or anything similar.

It comes in a small box with some nice, thematic art on it depicting Gandalf and Bilbo smoking pipe and exchanging stories at the Green Dragon. There's some really neat detail in the frame of the picture depicting all kinds of adventuring locations and, my favourite detail, Smaug himself in the smoke ring around the Lonely Mountain. The same frame is used on the new The One Ring Revised core rulebook which is a nice touch. Of course the creators of this game, Marco Maggi and Francesco Nepitelli are also the guys behind War of the Ring, The Battle of Five Armies and The One Ring roleplaying game so it comes as no surprise that they're all linked not only through theme but also by layout, graphical design and art.

The basic premise is that you are hobbits drinking at the Green Dragon and competing about who tells the best story. You play the game in a number of rounds equal to the number of players so each player get a chance to be the Narrator, while the others are Hazard players. To play you use a small game board with slots for five tarot sized cards, Cheers tokens for points, some Green Dragon coasters to hide your points under, a 12 sided die and two decks of cards. And oh, what nice cards they are! Cubicle 7 made the great choice of printing them in tarot size which both allow the art to really shine and also bring a sense of "weight" to them that regular play cards lack. The cards are for all intents and purposes the heart and soul of the game and it's fun just flipping through them, looking at all the details and reading some nice Tolkien quotes! Part of me want to sleeve them while part of me doesn't as it would detract (ever so slightly) from the immersion and I'm also uncertain if they would fit back in the box if sleeved. Of course from a game play perspective it's pretty much meaningless as even if a card was marked it wouldn't really have any effect on the game.

Just doing a summary of the already brief rules and then write about my thoughts on the game I think would make for a very short review. So instead I'm going to run through a typical game and explain most things as we go along and tell a little story at the same time. This seems more enjoyable and probably gives a better sense of how the game actually plays.

There are 75 Adventure cards used by the Narrator and 40 Hazard cards used by the Hazard players and they are all unique. Adventure cards can represent all kinds of things but generally they're locations, events, meetings or feelings while Hazard cards are dangerous events, locations, items or monsters. The art range from pencil sketches to full colour paintings and I have yet to find one with "bad" art! You know I've talked about how great the books for The One Ring looks, mostly thanks to the art, and this is like having all that art concentrated in 115 cards and it's great. I could go on about this, but let's just stop here and get on with it. :)

The Game

You start a round with the Narrator drawing four cards from the Adventure deck, which she looks at and quickly try to form a loose narrative in her head. She then draws two more cards and chooses one card to be the Opening, which is placed face up to the left on the board, and the other the Epilogue, which is placed faced down to the far right of the board. The Hazard players draw cards from the Hazard deck depending on the number of players - in this example there are two Hazard players so they draw three cards each.

The Narrator draws Ancient Trees, Adventurous, A Short Rest and Old Sword, and a skeleton of a story forms in her head - something about going on an adventure, and finding a sword and bringing it back home. The Opening and Epilogue turns out to be Lost Reputation and Many Meetings and she decides to play them in that order.

The Hazard players draw Great Orc, Werewolf and Bitter Cold plus Bear, Nameless Horror and Two Headed Troll. They look these over and spend some extra time checking the Terrain icons in the lower right corner as these decide when the cards can be played.

The Narrator begins her story about that time a few years ago when her pipeweed experiments went a little too far and the good people of Hobbiton thought her an odd individual indeed. To prove her detractors wrong (and to simply get away from it all for a bit) she decided to go on a bit of a trek in the surrounding countryside. Nothing too adventurous but enough to perhaps bring some interesting stories from afar, or maybe some new ingredient for her pipeweed!

At this time the Hazard players check the Terrain icons on the two Adventure cards played so far and see if they match up with any of their Hazard cards. If the two icons on a given Hazard card match any of the icons on the lats two played Adventure cards the card is playable - so far we have two Woods icons and a Wilds icon... which don't match any of the Hazard cards. The Hazard players rap their knuckles on the table to signal for the Narrator to continue, which she does...

"I hadn't gone far when I saw something lying on the road... an old sword! I looked around to see if I could see who might have dropped it, but besides horse tracks there was nothing to be found!". With the addition of the Evil Eye icon on the latest Adventure card the first Hazard player has a card with a match! He clears his throat and asks; "This was when you went on your trek in the middle of the coldest winter the Shire had seen in two decades, wasn't it?" - sliding his Bitter Cold card toward the board. Normally he would have to roll the Hazard die at this point and try to match or beat the number in the lower left corner of the Hazard card. However, as the Adventure card played, Old Sword, has the Eye icon on it the roll succeeds automatically and the card takes effect. In this case the Hazard player get to draw a Cheers token and either place it under his coaster or on top of it to signify that he's "buying another round". Next, the Adventure card is not placed on the board and the Narrator has to incorporate the new twist from the Hazard card in her story in some way.

"Yes, it wasn't really the best time to go for a stroll that's for sure! I picked up the sword and tried to follow the tracks in the snow, but with the snow still falling there were soon no tracks left and I ended up scratching my head about what to do next." As there can only be one successful Hazard card played per turn, she plays the next Adventure card...

"Although I almost felt like returning home at this point, the hubby had been making biscuits as I left after all, something in me pushed me on and I managed to find shelter from the wind and snow in the hollow of an old oak tree." She plays A Short Rest and looks expectantly at the first Hazard player who raps his knuckles on the table. The second player slides his Two-headed Troll toward the board and says; "Oh, I remember this story! You didn't notice it at first, but there was a sleeping troll in the hollow, wasn't there?!". However, he rolls a two so the card fails to take effect; "No, no, silly! You're thinking of the troll that slept in Old Bogg's wine cellar the winter of 34!".

"Now, having eaten and rested for a bit I felt my strength return and continued, while the old sword was an interesting prize I felt there was even more impressive things ahead. The snowfall ceased and it wasn't long until I found myself at the edge of the Old Forest". She plays the Ancient Trees card, which has another Eye on it, but luckily the Terrain icons don't match and both Hazard players rap their knuckles grumpily on the table. At this point the Narrator don't have any cards left, and has to Improvise to try and complete her story. Improvising is done by simply drawing the top card of the Adventure deck and incorporating it into the narrative. You can keep improvising until a Hazard card is successfully played, in which case your story ends.

The Narrator draws the top card of the Adventure deck and thinks for a bit while inspecting it, recalling the maps of the area around the Old Forest. Then she continues; "Knowing very well not to set my foot in the haunted woods I decided to skirt around it, seeing if there might be something interesting on the other side. And indeed there was! The land beyond the forest was made up by a series of hills, each looking a little too perfectly formed to be natural. I pulled my coat around me as I shivered in the cold while moving in among the hills. It wasn't long until I found one with a large door in it. Not a nice round hobbit door mind you, but a big and imposing one made of stone, steel and rotted wood." She plays the Tomb card while the first Hazard player raps on the table the second quietly whispers; "This is perfect!" as he slides the Nameless Horror card forward.

"I bet that was a really bad idea! I've heard horrible things about the Barrow Downs!". The Hazard die ends up on seven, meaning the Tomb card is removed from the board, the Hazard player takes a Cheers token and the Nameless Horror takes effect. "Well, at this time I hadn't so I had no idea what waited inside. I thought I would seek shelter in there but it proved even colder as I closed the door behind me. My torch sputtered in the darkness and the hair on the back of my neck stood on end as I heard a slow, wheezing ahead of me. I called out for whoever it was that we could perhaps share the one muffin I had left, but got no reply. That was when I saw... or felt something coming toward me. Darkness and horror! I turned and fled out in the snow and ran for a long time! I don't even remember exactly what happened but I ended up running straight into one of the Brandybucks, Will I think, who invited me in for some hot tea." 

Having failed to Improvise the Narrator's story has come to a premature end, since she has not been able to completely connect the Opening with the Epilogue card. This means that she must now turn over the Epilogue card and conclude the narrative in a negative way, as if the story didn't end as the Narrator had hoped it would. With the Epilogue card being Many Meetings she continues; "It wasn't until I'd had my fourth cup of Brandybuck tea that I realized that I had dropped the sword when I ran! I didn't even have anything to show for my trouble and while I was, of course, thankful for bumping into a Brandybuck and him letting me stay at his house I was stuck there for two weeks while the weather turned even worse and was introduced to every brother and sister, every uncle and aunt, every cousin and nephew and it all made me both weary and bored! My return to Hobbiton wasn't anything like I hoped and they still talk about me as "that weird pipe lady". If they only they'd know what I have been through! Hmpf!!"

Applauds from the rest of the table as the Narrator takes a bow and start to check her score. You get to draw one Cheers token for each card on the board and one extra if you manage to reach the Epilogue and achieve a full ending. As this story ended prematurely with a total of four cards on the board (of course, not counting the ones removed by Hazards) she draws four Cheers tokens which, to add insult to injury, turn out to be all ones! She puts three under her coaster and one on top to "buy the next round".

Once all players have had a chance to narrate a story you decide the winner by counting all the Cheers tokens under your coaster then you check who has the most points on top of his coaster as this player get a bonus four points for buying the most rounds of beer! There are also rules for giving some extra points for the best story and there are some card icons that can come into play during the game that is not part of this example - like the Hazard players getting to draw extra cards - but this should give you a pretty good idea on how the game plays!

You might also have noticed that there are some other icons on the cards, diamond shaped like the ones in The One Ring and War of the Ring. These don't have any function in Hobbit Tales, but can instead be used in The One Ring roleplaying game. While any of the cards can be used by the Loremaster to quickly get some inspiration for an upcoming scene there are also structured rules on how to incorporate them during Journeys. The left icon tells you which role is affected (guide, scout etc) while the right tells you the effect of failure and the card itself provides inspiration for the narrative that the Loremaster (or the affected player) presents. Basically it's a replacement for the Hazard table that is in the new Revised Core rulebook and I think it will certainly help to bring some more unique hazards into play.


So, what are my thoughts on the game? Well, it takes about 20-30 minutes to play and has so far provided some great Tolkien-esque short stories that has made me want to break out my roleplaying books so... two thumbs up! As I mentioned above I was a little worried that it would be too much of a narrative game for the regular board game night, and during our first game Claes was hesitant to be the first Narrator out of the gate, even though he's an old roleplayer! Weird I know, but I think it has to do with having to think on the spot and make at least a semi-coherent narrative. These were all silly things to worry about though as we all spun some great stories without breaking a sweat. The combination of card title, art and quote either (or all) of which could provide the inspiration needed to connect the next link is more than enough to get your imagination gears turning. Does it help if you are a roleplayer or enjoy improv? Sure, but it's absolutely not needed.

The game has been a great success and so far we have ended up playing two or three games back to back as everyone has wanted another chance to tell a story. Once we even had a player who was just about to leave but watched a game in progress and decided to stay longer so he could participate in the next two rounds! Still, even if this was just a collection of large sized art cards with images inspired by Tolkien with no game attached I would have got them anyway. Beautiful art and great sources of inspiration! The only thing I feel could have been done better from a design perspective is the Terrain icons as they're done in a different style than the rest of the art on the cards. I understand the need to have these stand out and be easy to spot from across the table, but the kind of semi-photographic effect looks odd next to the rest of the card. There's also a slight shortage of Cheers tokens and you might end up having to resort to writing your score down, or use alternate rules posted by Francesco.

If you own and play The One Ring I think this is simply a no-brainer. Get it. If you're a great Tolkien fan I think you should get it as well, especially if you enjoy narrative board games that has seen a rise in popularity lately. I can't really comment on how well it measure up to other games in this genre as this is the first I've played, but to me the theme is what really makes it all come together and having a decent feel for Tolkien made it really easy to come up with a fun story. The game mechanics work well and it's fun both being the Narrator and a Hazard player, but in the end it's not a game you play to win, but play to experience some great stories set in Middle-Earth!

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Wednesday, 28 January 2015

January Releases for Infinity!

Ah, the first Infinity models of the year. I like that fresh new smell! We get the starter boxes for the two forces in the Operation Icestorm set and instead of repeating what I've already said I'll simply post the pictures and refer to my previews thoughts on them here. There's also some non-model news that I'll get to below.

The new PanOceania starter (without the Father Knight of course)

The new Nomads starter (without the Reverend Healer)

Now, here's something completely new! The Yan Huo Invincible for Yu Jing. Ever since we saw the first concept art for these guys there's been a lot of buzz in the community about what the actual models would look like. And I think it's fairly close to the concept. To me it seems like the biggest changes are the missile launchers (yes, that's what those things are) have been slimmed down a little while the actual trooper has been made considerably bulkier, which is certainly a good thing as I imagine it would have looked extremely top heavy otherwise. How the guns are actually mounted remind me a lot of the excellent Edge of Tomorrow (aka Live.Die.Repeat or All You Need is Kill) with Tom Cruise, just take a look at this picture, and with the addition of the stabilizer fins they actually look like they might work (hell, we could probably build something like this today. Just imagine what another 100 years will do). What on the other hand looks a little silly is that he's actually holding the trigger mechanism. While I understand it from a visual standpoint I really think targeting would be handled through some kind of cube integration.

While I at first was a little "hmm..." about it, now I'm all kinds of excited and even though this is the "worst" equipped of the three variants I simply have to add him to my collection! I'm sure it'll be fun to have a burst two missile launcher to spring on unsuspecting enemies. Muahahaha!!

Next up we have a new Ragik with Spitfire for Haqqislam. I've always liked the Ragik models and their wings as it instantly communicates what kind of model it is while also looking a lot more lo-tech than the PanO, ALEPH or (soon) Yu Jing alternatives. It seems like the wings have grown a little bit, both in size and thickness and I imagine this is to make them easier to mount and harder to break off. A good trade-off I think. Having lost their HMG profile (just like the Yu Jing Tigers) it was necessary to quickly release a Spitfire sculpt to cover the cap. My favourite thing about this guy though, is that he's full of that Infinity dynamism that made the game stand out from the crowd back when it was released. The older Ragiks are certainly very dynamic and I'm happy to see CB keeping up with tradition. Especially as we've seen far less of these kind of poses in recent years. More runners please, CB!

The final release of the month is the SWC box of Unidron Batroids for Combined Army. You might remember me really liking the base troopers in starter box and seeing as this is more of the same I'm a happy camper! What's new are of course the interesting looking new weapons they're carrying - the Plasma Sniper Rifle especially looks very alien and I'm eager to see how often you'll encounter bent ones when playing in the wild. Hehe! The really small Spitfire is an interesting take on the weapon, like it's childishly simple technology for the EI to shrink. The K1 Combi Rifle on the other hand is a little larger (and seems quite scary in game!).

While I really like the models and would pick them up for that reason alone if I started CA, I don't know how much use they would actually see in game considering they're not the best troops the EI has to offer, to say the least. It would be another matter if they were linkable, but they're not. Yet.

Finally, while this is not an Infinity model release it's some Infinity connected news that is well worth spreading! The long awaited Angel Giraldez Masterclass book on how to paint miniatures will soon be up for pre-order (or might already be at your local store!) and since I know the print run is very limited you really should try and pre-order it if you're interested. Of course PanO players have an extra incentive in that you get the resculpted Joan of Arc with the book. Oh, and it's also interesting that this is is Volume One... hmm.... ;)

Great releases this month! While I'm partial to the Yan Huo, and I think it's probably the best model overall, I really like that new Ragik and his running pose! However, I think I'm most excited about getting my hands on Angel's book as I think it will help me up my painting game.

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Joining the Dark Side

M: "I'll never join you!"
FB: "It is your destiny."
M: "Well, ok then. Hand me that cookie, will you?"

That's kind of how the conversation went in my head as I pondered whether to make a Facebook page for Fire Broadside or not. I've long been a staunch resistance fighter in the battle of the social networks and I actually prefer Google+ over Facebook for many reasons. However, it is just a simple fact that there are so many more users on Facebook and if I were to make a serious attempt to create a forum for off-the-cuff news and discussion Facebook simply seem to be a better facilitator.

So, while you still can find me on G+ where I regularly share stuff and participate in discussions I've also decided to create a Fire Broadside Facebook page. I will use it for all the stuff that I find interesting enough to share or talk about but that perhaps isn't right for the blog. Feel free to pop buy and like the page and let's go from there. This might all crash and burn with the page ending up with a couple of dozen likes, a bunch of shares from me and no discussion whatsoever. In that case I'll simply call it a day and shut it down, being one experience richer. But hopefully it will help to bring some interactivity to Fire Broadside besides the comment section that, while functional, is also a bit restrictive.

In this spirit of interactivity, I'd love to hear from you my dear reader! What would you like to see more of, or less of on Fire Broadside? While I'll always continue to write about what I'm interested in I'm also curious to hear what you feel would make this place better and hit counters and statistics can only tell me so much. I imagine the answers might be varied as Fire Broadside isn't very focused when it comes to gaming and I pretty much embrace it all. Hehe! Still, it would be fun to hear and if you don't feel like commenting here or on Facebook you can always send me an email via the Contact button up top right. And I'm of course also on Twitter as @FireBroadside.

Not really an exciting gaming post. Sorry about that. We'll get back to the regular schedule shortly. You've seen the January releases for Infinity, right... ? :)
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