Thursday, 14 October 2010

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Thursday, October 14, 2010

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Haven't been much activity here lately. Basically I've been really new busy with a new job and some other stuff, so I haven't had time to really paint anything. Naturally, I'm still thinking about my different gamer projects as I work and here's an update about what I'm doing and what I'm  planning to do in the (hopefully) near future.

First off, I'm still in the process of painting my Relthoza fleet. I've started on the battleship which I think might get finished during the weekend. However, I'm not really planning any more Firestorm: Armada purchases at the moment. It's a pretty good game with pretty good models, but I'm not sure if I'll actually get to play it all that much and with that in mind, I'd rather paint minis I love rather than ones I simply like. Which leads us to...

More spaceships!

I've mentioned the ships from Irrational Designs before and I think it might soon be time to invest in some belter ships (seen above). They're simply some of the coolest sculpts around! I'm also keeping an eye on Cold Navy and With Hostile Intent models but I think that might be a while longer.


I've got my small Heavy Gear force that I want to finish (although that's closer to 12mm), but I'm kind of hankering for a more generic hardish scifi army. Or armies. What I have in mind right now is two small forces loosely inspired from Kim Stanley Robinson's Mars trilogy and the video game series Red Faction. That is to say, one paramilitary "Earth gov" force and then some Red Mars rebels. I'll probably use mostly vehicles from GZG and infantry from Rebel Minis. As it happened I came across Rebel Minis' infantry and thought they looked ideal and then I discovered that they actually are Earth gov and Mars rebel minis in Two Hour Wargames' 5150 First Contact. Hehe!

Board games

I came across the above picture on BoardGameGeek a while back (click on it for full effect) and it lead me to the hard SF game High Frontier. It's a descendant of Rocket Flight (which was also developed by Phil Eklund) and in it you play different factions in the race for space where you try to go out and explore/exploit our solar system.
It uses realistic physics with real or near-future technology and I'm increadibly excited to try it out! However since the small plastic rockets you get to use as pawns are kind of boring, I'm going to put together a few cool semi-realistic looking ships using different civilian and support ships from GZG. I think I would like to use this tanker ship (painted by Yui over at SCN), but I wonder if it might be a bit too large. Hmm...

Other board games on the horizon is Dust Tactics, Alien Frontiers and Mansions of Madness. More about these as I get them. :)

Roleplaying games
Although we haven't been able to play lately WFRP3 is where it's at. Our group of heroes have just arrived at Stromdorf so things are about to heat up. Also I very much would like to try Diaspora. Both because I'm in a very hard scifi-mood as of late and also because I'd like to try out switching GM now and then and play a much more loosely structured and more improvisation centered game. We'll see...

You thought I'd forgot this, didn't you?! No no, it's still there, puttering along one model at a time. Actually, today I finally got my witch hunter captain that I ordered from Black Scorpion Miniatures almost two months ago! No fault of theirs though, quite the contrary. There was some kind of mix-up at my local post office and Black Scorpion had to send it out to me three times before I finally got it. Oh well, all's well that ends well.

There hasn't been much painting but I have managed to squeeze in some board gaming. First off, Claustrophobia and Cyclades - two awesome games from Asmodée! Claustrophobia is a kind of Space Hulk-ish dungeon crawler, but it plays much quicker and playing the monsters is just as fun as playing the humans. Cyclades is an area control games taking place in the archipelago of ancient Greece and it feels kind of similar to Chaos in the Old world, although this scales well from 2-5 players and I think it might be even quicker than CitOW.

I've also played Death Angel - The Space Hulk Card Game (great fun, although a little lengthier than I had expected) and just the other day we managed to get four players together for a game of Age of Conan. It's been a while since we played it and it was a lot of fun! And naturally it didn't hurt that my Turanian hordes won the day! Muahaha!

So... that's a little status update. Hopefully things will start picking up again soon.

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  1. Those Belter ships are indeed some very nice models. Maybe I can use our campaign to buy some of those ... :-)

    First off I need to find me an army or two in 6mm (both Alien and Human) and finish my Undead warband.

    You seem to be quite in to boardgames. Have you played the new Horus Heresy boardgame ? I saw the review on boardgamegeek but I still have some doubts ...

  2. So what minis are you planning to get for 6mm?

    These days most of the games we play are of the board variety. It used to be more rpgs and miniature games, but as it gets harder to keep playing that stuff on a regular basis we've started playing more and more board games. It's simply easier. :)

    As for Horus Heresy, I wrote a little bit about it back in May after I'd first tried it. Have a look! Since then I've played it a few more times and the only real reason I haven't got it myself is because my friend owns it. I'll prooooobably get it myself some day when I've got some extra money burning a hole in my pocket though. Definitely a good game I think. If you like (not too heavy) strategic wargames and the story around Horus Heresy then I say go for it!

  3. I knew I had read something about that boardgame, my memory these days ... lol!
    Thx for the link, your writings about the game are helpful!

    Boardgames take less preparation indeed, but they cannot match the look of a wargame with painted models and scenery. I did shift my focus to smaller games like Pulp (with WHD!) or Mordheim and, of course, spaceships!!! These games use fewer models but retain the look and feel of a 2000pts battle in 40K ...

    Did I make any sense with that last statement ? Typing in English isn't always easy lol!

  4. I know what you mean, two fully painted forces in matching terrain is a sight to behold. It's just that both time and space are lacking for me. Especially when it comes to terrain I don't have any space to store it in, which is another reason I think it's better for me to go 6 or 15mm. Sure you need terrain for that too, but it's not as big. :)

    I should probably have added something about pulp gaming in the post above by the way. It's still far off down the line, but I'd like to make an evil/crazy scientist/mastermind and his automaton army. Hehe!


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