Monday, 12 May 2014

Review of Systema Gaming Habitat Unit 2

Monday, May 12, 2014

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Systema Gaming Base-0 Habitat Unit 2.

Alright, the container was a nice, solid bit of terrain. But I think we're all eager to get a look at the larger pieces! So let's take a look at the Base-0 Habitat Unit 2 from Systema Gaming.

As you can see there are quite a bunch more parts, three sheets to be exact, but even without instructions I had no trouble putting it together. Again, these are not complex constructions which help reinforce their utalitarian nature. The base plates (and the roof of the square building) are all constructed the same way with a number of girders underneath which lift them off the ground a bit and also allows you to stack them.

Top building.
Removable roof of course. The windows you could either keep covered or pop them open as you please.
Most of the the parts have only two sprue connecting points so come off quickly and they don't take a long time to clean up. Detailing is simple but decent enough. There is barely any interior detailing and these simply don't have the same level of detail as, say, the MicroArt buildings or the upcoming stuff from Antenociti but that really doesn't bother me all that much. The industrial design works and you could likely get a table full of Systema stuff before filling half with some more detailed alternatives.

Bottom building with the little patio. The railings and ramp are all removable so you can customize the look.
You can see the underside of the roof and the girders and tabs that keep it in place. Ladder is of course removable.
The modularity is also a big plus as you can easily change your battlefield depending on mood or scenario. That's actually the main reason I haven't invested in any of the MicroArt buildings yet - very nice looking, but they're simply a bit too big and... static for my taste. It seems as if the entire range has been well designed to allow you all manner of combinations. For example, you could put the larger building above on top of the Communications Unit that I'll be reviewing next. Combined with some catwalks I really think this has a lot of potential!

Building high...
...or building low.

The handrails are easily movable, just like the ladders and the roofs. In fact they are almost too loose, but I suppose that is better than being stuck on too hard so you'd damage the paint when moving them. That's pretty much it I guess.

Next up will be the Communications Unit!

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  1. Indeed as you point out, stackability is a big plus and functionality is very good, despite the somewhat naked interiors. Maybe if you just glued a couple panels and things like that, you could liven things up a bit. I especially like the shape of the second story on this building.

    1. I think you're exactly right. While the base kit is fairly spartan it's a solid core and very functional. My plan is to get some more Systema stuff and then get a couple of detail kits from Antenociti or some such to sprinkle among them.

  2. One interesting tidbit: When I asked Primoz (the guy behind Systema Gaming) if he was planning to build a larger scale building, he said he had been thinking about it for while and wa hoping to have it ready for release in a few months. Warsenal's Kum garage is hard to beat, but I wonder what he will come up with.

    1. Cool! Last I talked to Primoz was back around Christmas. I wouldn't mind a large center piece for my table, like a TAG garage or something.

  3. I want to see more of this stuff. :) It's definitely a terrain set I've often thought about getting myself if I ever did another store-bought set.

    1. Hey Craig! There's one more review in the pipeline, and I will most likely get some more later on and simply use this as my terrain of choice for Infinity. :)


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