Sunday, 18 May 2014

April Releases for Infinity!

Sunday, May 18, 2014

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With all the hoopla of the new edition I kind of forgot about posting about the actual new releases! They were also revealed a little later than usual, which might have been a factor as well. Anyway, let's have a quick look before the May releases hits us!

First out is another boxed set of Neoterra Bolts for PanO. This time we  get the different special weapons the Bolts can equip and I'm impressed. I like these guys and girls before, but these new redesigned guns really make them that much better! I especially like the MULTI sniper rifle and boarding shotgun. In game they're still a bit meh, but an updated stat line has been hinted at when 3rd ed. is released later this year. In my best Jeremy voice: Should I start a Neoterra army? Is that a good idea?

Next up is the Tohaa Clipsos Infiltrator. Quite a nice looking model. Good flow in the coat and although I didn't like Tohaa guns from the start I've come around big time on that and their sniper rifles are some of my favourites now. I also really like the face on this guy; he looks nice and sinister! In game the Clipsos is pretty much your bog standard infiltrating skirmisher except he has the option to bring the interesting Swarm grenade or a Nullifier. Hmm... perhaps not that bog standard after all!

Well, well, well... a couple of years(?) after the release of the original boxed set we finally get a Druze spitfire to complete their loadout! I love the look of the Druze and the Yu Jing spitfire is probably the best looking out out there so they should combine into an awesome model! And it does look cool, it's just that I feel the pose is slightly awkward. I'm really being picky here but, hey, Infinity miniatures are of such a high standard that you need to be extra critical of them to see any faults. Anyway, it's still a model I will pick up as part of my Druze Shock Team sometime in the future...

Now for the resculpt of the Haqqislam Kum Motorized Troops and their new bases. First off, I shouldn't really call this a resculpt as that implies an updated and refined design. This is more like a remake/reboot/reimagining of the Kum and I both like and dislike them. The models are brilliant! CB have nailed the biker look and the machines themselves look great. What I don't quite like is that the (relatively) original idea of the monobikes of the first Kum felt a lot more sci-fi and exotic than the simple Hells Angel in space that we got now. I agree that they needed an update (I've never seen anyone use them) but couldn't they have been made equally cool looking but keeping the one wheel design? We'll never know but although I think these are beautiful I'm sad to see the old ones go. Still, I'm sure we'll see a lot more Kum actually in play which is always a good thing!

Last but certainly not least is the Morat Vanguard equivalent to the Neoterra box above. A second box of Morat infantry, this one with all the special weapons you need. The redesigned Morat look great, although bordering on too big, and I love their updateded weaponry! Big, boxy and utalitarian looking. My only gripe with this set is that I would have prefered to have one set of bodies in a slightly more dynamic pose. Still, I'm not complaining. The new Morat really are a great step up from the old ones. Also I like this new way of releaseing line infantry - two boxes and you're pretty much set for any loadout you want. I have yet to pick up any Keisotsu Butai for example, and I'd love to be able to get them like this. Hopefully after a nice bit of resculpting. Hehe!

This month CB also released three size packs of bases: 25mm, 40mm and 55mm. I'm sure you've heard by now that there have been some changes to how models will be based in the future. Basically all TAGs, bikes and remotes will now be on the larger 55mm base. Still you won't have to rebase your old models as the 3rd ed of Infinity will use the silhouette rule so basing shouldn't be all that important anyway. I think the 55mm bases will make for much better looking TAGs at the very least, and probably remotes as well. On the other hand, my Guija is actually quite small (TAGs have grown!) and fits perfectly on its 40mm base so I'll probably just leave it as is. Oh, and finish painting it!

That's it for April! We'll be back here again very soon though as the May releases are just around the corner. This months winner to me is the Bolts. I always get inspired by new releases to start a new army and the Bolts are no exception. Then again, I need to spend my time and money budgets wisely. There are many games and models out there!

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  1. I feel you on the rehashing of the Kum Biker design. I think they could have done something similar while keeping the monobike design. Though a rehash I would have probably loved just as much would've been to change the biker to roadrunner/chocobo-esque walkers that followed the same sort of locomotion of their chickling remotes. But yeah, either way, not overly impressed with the Harley design choice.

    Morats are somewhat the same for me. I love the updated look, but I wish they kept the old toned oni demon aspect rather than going to big solemn gorilla.

    1. Yepp, they look cool, but not a design I would have gone for myself. I had the same reaction to the Morat as you when I first saw them. And although I've grown to like them better now, I still think they're a bit too large as their profile really doesn't reflect it. Still, very nice sculpts.

  2. Hopefully the Morat profile will see some adjustments as CB themselves have pretty much stated they are a bit underwelming. This issue might be with the Morat rule (increases the retreat threshold) since even one Morat in your army allows you to use it. Of course you can imagine that if you play MAF sectorial you'll have to pay that tax again, and again, and again. And again... They need something to make them scarier for the points.

    1. I hadn't heard CB talking about a potential Morat update. That would certainly be welcome! Fingers crossed for third edition. :D

  3. There seems to be a consensus that the Morat Vanguard is a bit underwelming. Given the models, you'd expect a little bit more than a Fusilier with higher CC and lower BS, with an extra point of WIP, especially for the extra 6 points. I'm just speculating, but I expect them to fix the more wonky profiles.


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