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Infininity 3rd Ed. English Seminar Summarised

Thursday, May 01, 2014

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So here is Carlos talking about the new edtion and basically going through everything that was said in the Spanish seminar. I made some quick notes while watching so those of you who don't have time to view all 44 minutes of it, read on...

The Rulebook

First off, Infinity will be "resculpted" in a similar way to how new models get new sculpts. The rules will be updated and the translation will be redone and improved. The fluff texts will be re-written and re-translated, but will stay pretty much the same as it is now - there will be no setting changes in the 3rd edition rulebook. Basically it is meant to fit into the chronology of the published Infinity books meaning it won't cover stuff that happens in Human Sphere or Paradiso. As Carlos put it, it's simply meant to replace the 2nd edition rulebook, not any of the other books. In fact he was very clear in telling us that the new book will be compatible with the expansion books published this far. Which is great news of course!

Carlos demonstrates that the current lineup of books is still valid, only the core rulebooks is getting replaced.
So fluff-wise it will stay pretty much the same, the rules will be updated here and there and there will be a number of new troop profiles in the new book that can be used for the generic armies. These troops will then be expanded upon and find their own sectorial in Acheron Falls. Speaking of Acheron Falls, it will be more like Human Sphere and will be "duplicating" (doubling? Surely not) the number of sectorials.

ALEPH and Tohaa will not be in 3rd edition as they are introduced, fluff-wise, in Human Sphere and Paradiso respectively so wouldn't make much sense for a new player of the game. Of course, the new troop profiles introduced will be downloadable from the website. As will the entire new rulebook when it's done (minus art and fluff).

Rules will change to make the game "more solid". The old book had many grey areas and holes that needed FAQing and CB wants to change this. Carlos talked about how they wanted to make the rules black and white - perfectly clear in every situation, which sounds good. One part of this will be the new LoF rules where you use silhouettes to see what you can see. Every troop type will have its silhouette listed so you can replace the miniature with it if LoF is uncertain. This should make things a lot easier (although I know a number of people in my community who have played this wrong)! This also goes hand in hand with the new base sizes. Regarding this Carlos said that how you base your miniatures really doesn't matter all that much with the introduction of silhouettes, so make your miniatures beautiful first and foremost!

There will, of course, be more information doled out during the year and new troops, new rules, new artwork and resculpts of old minis will be revealed!

The Miniatures

I won't provide pictures here, just simple bullet points as the information was short but sweet.

  • Interventors - New profile and sculpt released next month, with combi rifle and boarding shotgun. Also included will be two Fast Pandas. Tunguska will be in Acheron Falls.
  • Zúyong Invincibles - Entirely new troops. Will be in Acheron Falls but also in 3rd ed. Low class heavy infantry, line infantry for the Invicible sectorial. Sculpt base on new Sun Tze. Unfortunately we didn't get to see more of the heavy support troops with the giant shoulder cannons.
  • Kazak Spetsnaz - Kazak army in acheron Falls but new profiles for generic Ariadna in 3rd ed. Two troop profiles: Ambush and para-trooper.
  • Kum Bikers - There will be a second box (with the female biker) coming later this year.
  • Muttawu'ah - Resculpt with new profile. Carries an EM-pulse.
  • Neoterra Bolts - 3D sculpting make things easier and they want to follow the Bolt/Morat pattern of releasing line troops. Meaning we're likely to see two boxes of line troop for every faction - one with basic troops and one with special weapons. Bolts will make more sense in 3rd ed rules. It sounded like they will become Religious or something analogous to it (won't retreat).
  • Nikoul - Tohaa ambush unit.Won't be in 3rd ed, but available for download. Viral sniper. Sapper. Mines.
  • O-12 - Are mostly political, like the UN. But will probably turn up as an army some time in the future (further down the line it seemed like). This mini will work as civilia/VIP for scenarios.
  • Squalo - Nice new sculpt. More emphasis on the heavy grenade launcher.
  • Sun Tze - Will get a new profile. Armour works as base for new Yu Jing sculpts.
  • Tank hunters - New design, but still similar to the old. Autocannon version very popular model!
  • Unidron Batroide - New Combined Army troops. Similar to Dakini Tacbots but for EI. Line troop for new generic Combined Army starter pack that might come later this year.
  • Warcors - Will come as regular model but also a special version for people in the Warcor program.
  • Assault pack - Controller and three antipodes. They are much more wolf like now and Carlos referred to them as a heat seeking missile that will almost certainly take out whatever they target. Will come in summer, probably.
I think that's mostly it when it comes to new information! Lots to look forward to. For me personally the new Invincible (terracotta) sectorial is veyr high on the list! Of couse, the Kazak sectorial might sway me...

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  1. Great summary! I'm really excited for the new book and the direction the game is going! Corvus Belli do a fantastic job and they really show that they care about their fanbase and the game as a whole, and it's great to know they listen to the community too!

    1. Couldnt' agree more! CB does a great job of creating a fun game and beautiful miniatures, but more than that they listen to their community. And they do it in the right way - they have their own vision that they pursue, not giving after to knee jerk reactions. While I'm sure they read the forums it seems like they take their community input from a more "zoomed out" perspective.

      Looking forward to hearing more about N3!

  2. Thanks for this your infinity coverage has been great and you've found a way into my bookmarks. Trying not to jinx it and say it out load but I've got high hopes for 3rd I think it's a good 2 factions starter and rules boxset from breaking big

    1. Glad to hear that, Dragon Claw! Welcome to the site. Although I write about a lot of different games here Infinity is always close to my heart. :)

      Bringing out a two player boxed starter set is an interesting thought and seems to have worked out well for Spartan Games and Hawk Wargames, for example. For some reason I have a hard time seeing CB releaseing one for Infinity, but you never know. Hmm...

  3. How is Hawk Wargames doing? Locally the only retailer who carries them is selling them 2-for-1 in an attempt to clean out stock. DZC looked pretty cool when first announced, but then fell off my radar.

    As for Infinity, I'm very excited! Simplification of the rules is OK, but I play casually with friends, and we can always come to an agreement about things like dropping grenades off of a roof. There are definitely a few rules that could be a little more fun, and it sounds like Loss of Lieutenant and Retreat are being reworked a bit, which is wonderful.

    1. Hawk had a massive stand at Salute 2014 in London last month, I mean huge. It was the 2nd most popular stand there, with 6 demo tables, an absolutely huge diorama table and a awesomely ridiculous interstellar drop ship (

      To say they where out in force was an understatement, it was the 2nd most popular stand after Forge World.

      There are also rumours on a space fleet combat game being developed with Andy Chambers.

    2. Hawk Wargames and Dropzone Commander does indeed seem to be doing quite well! They have regular releases of new stuff and the first exansion (with a new factions) is being released soon. I have yet to get into it myself, but that is just a matter of time. :)

      But yeah... Infinity! I agree with you and even the people I've played against in tournaments have been very friendly and relaxed. Still getting things cleared up can't be a bad thing.


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