Thursday, 3 April 2014

A Couple of Upcoming Reviews...

Thursday, April 03, 2014

Share it Please

The other day I found a nice little surprise in my mailbox; a trio of scenery products from Systema Gaming that Primož sent to me for review purposes. What we have here is a Base-0 Container, Communications Unit and a Habitat-2 Unit, all in nice, thick MDF!

I first came across Systema Gaming last year and was intrigued by the solid designs, high customization options and good price (including free shipping!) so I'm quite eager to get to work on these things! I'll start out with the container and should have the first review up sometime during next week.

In other news, we have our first proper Deadzone gaming day coming up on Saturday so expect a report from that event as well. I'm also glad to see that the MERCS: Recon kickstarter have started to pick up some momentum again after the inevitable mid-valley lull. I'm currently in at the OPFOR level and financing it by offloading some old third edition Tyranids.

Oh, and speaking of Tyranids! I found my old copy of Tyranid Attack and I don't think I'll be able to resist doing a bit of a retro playthrough of it. From my memories of it it's very random and should be played with the right mindset, kind of like Battlecars or DungeonQuest. I'll try and remember to take pictures of the frenetic action... with space marine scouts attacking dermal sphincters, being killed by brain eating larvae and so on. Hehe!

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  1. I bought a bunch of Systema terrain recently. I love it (though the design of the railings could be improves IMO) and definitely plan on getting more in the near future.

    1. Cool! Yeah, while the terrain seems a little less detailed than some of the other stuff out there, I keep coming back to the great price. :)

  2. What I like most is that it is pretty different from most other companies's offerings: more industrial and less suburban (one would think there would indeed be more military objective in industrial sites that in the suburbs...). The reduced detail (still pretty good) is in keeping with the theme. The free shipping is awefully nice too.

    1. Yes, you're quite right about the industrial angle. There is quite a lot of urban terrain and "colonial frontier" terrain out there, but the Systema stuff certainly has an identity of its own.

      Will start with the container tomorrow I think.


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