Sunday, 6 April 2014

March Releases for Infinity!

Sunday, April 06, 2014

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Another month, another buch of beautiful minis from Corvus Belli! Let's have a look...

Brigadier Jacques Bruant of Ariadna is a Metros officer and has a kind of anti-hero vibe going for him being "the kind of man you want beside you in combat, but not one you'd want to introduce to your children". Sculpting wise I think it's a solid although not spectacular model with quite a bit of characer to it - I really like the beanie and sunglasses, and he does look pretty badass with that Molotok. I'm imagining Bruant being played by Jean Renó in an Infinity film. In game he's a pretty nifty light infantry that who can provide a decent firebase with the Molotok and X-visor. He also comes with Limited Camouglage and can be the lieutenant if you want. Oh, and he has D-charges as well so not a bad choice for tournament play.

Following the December realease of the new Morat starter here we get a new Daturazi Witch-Soldiers box for the Combined Army. Again a great step up in model quality compared to the original sculpts! The only problem I can see is that they are so much larger and more massive than humans but their stats are almost the same - makes for a slight disconnect. Still, really nice and ferocious looking! They come as an Impetuous warband with Mimetism, Martial Arts L4 and armed with a collection of chain rifles, combi rifles, smoke grenades and shock close combat weapons. Anything but a chain rifle makes them slightly pricey, but if you manage to get them close to the enemy they should be able to wreck some face.

I didn't expect to see the ALEPH Nagas as a release but with such a nice mini it's certainly a welcome surprise. I like how similar it is to the original Nagas Hacker sculpt - basically it's only been improved upon from a technical standpoint. And the result is a miniature with a very snapshot-of-life feel to it! I can see this guy covering a corner just as he puts down a Monofilament mine. Although, I always think of the MX robots from the tv series Almost Human. Something about the face and headwear. In game the Nagas fill the role of "standard camo infiltrator" that most Infinity armies have, except this is ALEPH so he has slightly better stats and is Dogged. Oh, and you can get the aforementioned Monofilament mines which is pretty cool in itself.

We got the marksman variant of him last year, and here comes the heavy infantry Sun Tze of Yu Jing! What we have here is what looks like the man himself in Shàng Jí armour, minus the helmet but with his trademark coat (although shorter than the sniper version). Which makes sense seeing as the Shàng Jí is the StateEmpires new top of the line combat armour (although he's still only Move 4-2). I'm all over this as the original Shàng Jí is one of the models that got me into Infinity in the first place! Sun Tze is looking his heroic self with the famous (infamous?) one foot on a rock pose that CB really digs and gazing out over the battlefield, probably commanding his troops through his implants. Very nice and crisply sculpted and definitely a mini I'll pick up! There were some raised eyebrows at the Boarding Shotgun he carries, but his statline has now been upgraded to include it as an alternative to the MULTI Rifle. This brings him down from 73 points to 65, so still expensive. I'm hoping this is a hint of things to come considering the rumours of the next Yu Jing sectorial being centred around the Shàng Jí, which would of course be absolutely awesome!

Finally we have a repack with additional new models of the Nomad Tomcats. The engineer and the D.E.P. are old while the Doctor and Zondcat are new. I've always liked the Tomcat models and this repack shows how well the older models hold up. I do think CB should have re-done the combirifles though as they look a little out of place next to the newer and sleaker versions we have today. The Doctor looks cool and the Zondcat looks like something out of Inspector Gadget which would have been horrible, except this is Nomads and is just what they do. Hehe! I quite like the little airdrop pack it has on its back, although that will make it hard to hide for sure. A very nice pack and certainly something fledgling Nomad players should put high on their list.

Oh, and if you wonder why there are only five releases this month, it's because the Tomcat Doctor+Zondcat also are released as a separate blister for a limited time. So if you already have the two other Tomcats, hop to it and get the blister!

A solid month of releases, even though none of the models really jump out at me as being above and beyond the ordinary. Then again, I still have yet to recover from the awesomeness of the Geckos from last month! Sun Tze looks really nice though, and if I played vanilla ALEPH I'd be all over that Naga. Now, let's keep on trying to figure out what the "huge news" Corvus Belli has in store for us during April might be...

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  1. I love the new Morat sculpts, especially these Witch-Soldiers, but I'm torn since I painted up the old ones already. I'd rather keep moving forward with new models, instead of replace old ones. These guys look so good though.

    Thanks for keeping the updates alive brother!

    1. Hey Mik! Yeah, it's always tough when new versions of minis you've painted are released. Well, at least if they're better than the old ones. They are quite an improvement though!

      Oh, I'll keep at it alright. :)


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