Saturday, 9 April 2011

Gearing up for Infinity

Saturday, April 09, 2011

Share it Please

Wow! The LPL really sucks up a lot of time! Although I think I'm able to put these entries together fairly quickly it still takes time away from other stuff. Like blogging. Hehe!

You might have seen that I've changed one of my current projects from WFRP3 to Infinity (check up top if you haven't). It's not that we're done with WFRP (although the Gathering Storm campaign is about to wrap up) but simply that from now on I'll try to keep my current projects more, well... current! The other stuff will move to the "Backburner" that I'll put up in the right hand column. You will see some other changes as well soon, like a page for my 15mm Mars stuff etc. If everything goes according to plan the Current Projects will change quite often.

Anyway, Infinity. I got the big box of stuff that me and a few friends ordered during Beasts of War's Infinity Week (which was a really great event! If you have any interest in Infinity I urge you to check it out!) and the miniatures are just as nice in person as they are in pictures. Lots of small fiddly pieces though, so prepare to pin everything! I also ordered some additional stuff from Maelstrom games, namely two Tiger Soldiers and a Karakuri and I've been working on them tonight after work. You can see the Karakuri in the pic above.

I still haven't decided if I should put the minis together before or after painting. If I do it after I can get to all of those hard to reach places but on the other hand, in some weird way it might actually be easier to paint them if I do put them together. I don't know. Any Infinity vets out there care to make a suggestion?

Oh well, I just wanted to make a short, non-LPL post. Hehe!

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