Yu Jing for Infinity

I remember looking at Infinity when it was released back in 2005 and how amazing the figures looked! Since then it's grown quite a bit and it seems to be picking up momentum all over the world.

It's a small scale skirmish game where you have between 5-10 models per sida. Compared to most of the miniature games I've played in the past Infinity is quite a different beast. It seems much more fluid and you don't see any of the static I-go-you-go that most other games takes for granted. Instead you're always active in the game as you can react to what your opponent does and return fire, dodge out of the way or simply move away. From what I have gathered so far this makes for a game with very little actual downtime.

So, between March 21th-25th Corvus Belli in co-operation with Beasts of War announced Infinity Week, and Corvus Bellis sold some specially conceived Infinity army starter boxes for half price! I've wanted to get into the game for a long time and this was the perfect opportunity. I even managed to get a few other friends aboard and we made a joint order. Yu Jing (玉京, pronounced "dju-tching", meaning Jade Capital) for me, Nomads for Anders and Ariadna for Martin. And I think we might be able to get others in our circle of friends interested as well...

It was either going to be Yu Jing or Ariadna for me, but in the end I had to go with Yu Jing as I really like their heavy infantry. The plan is to get a nice rounded vanilla force and then expand the Japanese parts of it until I have a decent Sectorial Army. I've managed to paint most of the minis from the starter and a few more to boot, but I think I might have to get a Guija pretty soon. It's just such a cool model. I mean, who can resist giant Shirowesque mecha?!

Here's what I've managed to paint so far (not quite actually, as the Gŭiláng):

I'm well chuffed with the amount of models I've managed to paint (for being me that is). I think it all comes down to how excellently designed and sculpted these minis are; they're great fun to paint and I'm always looking forward to the next one. Next up should be my two Hsien.

To keep up with my progress on this little project just use the Infinity tag.