Sunday, 10 April 2011

LPL Sunday: Round 5! And round 4 recap

Sunday, April 10, 2011

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A recon element of the Earth Sectorial army.

Last round was a real nailbiter as I went up against Mancha's Mouse Patrol! I don't think we were ever more than eight or nine votes apart during the week and in the end I won with but a single vote, one more and it would have counted as a draw. Phew! Although I really liked the mice, I'm glad my 15mm guys finally managed a win.

The minis are UNSC marines from GZG (I'll insert a link later when the new online store is up) and they're great sculpts with loads of detail! The vehicle is the comanche MATV from Rebel Minis. I was actually slightly surprised at how rough a few parts of it were when I got it and I had to do some cleaning to get it in shape, however when painted you don't really see the flawed areas and it just looks beautiful! It also comes with some different weapon options and a small shield/turret as well and I had a hard time deciding if I should use that or not. In the end I went for the leaner look without the turret, but I'm not sure I made the right decision. What do you think:

Some of my favourite entries from round 4 was:

In round 5 I'm unfortunately missing out on both the newly painted team bonus and the additional Africa theme bonus. I have a strict rule not to paint anything that I won't be able to use later for gaming, and since I'm mostly a sci fi kind of guy the Africa theme was tough. What I really wanted to do was get some non-prawn "crusties" from GZG and make a small District 9 scene. But I was a bit slow and the GZG store is now temporarily closed for updates. Bummer.

So instead I decided to enter a few of my Northern Guard gears, and to spice it up I painted a squad of infantry as well! They turned out great, so I'm very happy in any case. See my entry and all the other great stuff over at the Lead Adventure Forum. And don't forget to vote!

3 kommentarer :

  1. Hey martin, I'm even more determined to get some 15mm GZG stuff now - those marines are amazing!

    I'm with you on the leaner look for the MATV, assuming it's supposed to be a recon vehicle?

  2. I too like the leaner look better.

    You're really producing some top entries for the LPL Martin, keep it up! And thanks for the comment on my Bio-titan ;-)

  3. @Tom They're definitely worth checking out! GZG has some dodgy pictures of their minis on their site (although that's about to change. Hopefully) but they're really great sculpts once you actually get them. And they paint up beautifully!

    @Andy When I first saw it and you told me about that little project I thought it sounded kind of cool, but wondered how it'd actually work out. But I think it looks great. Very creepy!

    And yes, I think you're probably right about the leaner look. The shield looks more like something you'd see in an urban environment.


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