Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Would you care for some tuft sir?

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

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A while ago I came across some really nicely painted Germans for Dust Tactics, courtesy of Patrick D (check out the whole set at Flickr. Great stuff!). However, although I found the paint job inspirational it was the little tufts of grass on the bases that intrigued me. I had seen and made similar stuff myself before, but these looked like ready made little patches. And so they are! Made by Army Painter no less:

So I made my way over to Maelstrom Games (can't beat free worldwide shipping!) and ordered a sheet together with some other flock and I got them earlier this week. Today I had the day off so after meeting up with an old friend and playing half a game of Space Hulk: Death Angel (we had lost almost half the squad as that point so it wasn't going well) I decided to try out my new little tufts. They're really easy to apply; just put some PVA glue on the base, use pliers or some tweezers to grab a tuft from the sheet, stick them on the glue and done!

I think you get a lot of bang for your buck. Really quick to use, but it adds a lot to the model. Some quick shots:

Franz, Mannfred and Dieter posing for the picture. 

I normally paint static grass after I apply it but I think these tufts look good as is.

Speaking of flock, the static grass I got are packaged in little plastic tubs, and they're literally filled to the brim! Sure it's nice with a lot of product for your money but this does make it impossible to open the lid without spilling static grass all over your workplace. Hrmpg...

Well, now I'm actually going to be a disciplined little painter and sit down with my Relthoza battleship and actually finish it. Tonight.

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  1. It looks brilliant, especially with the brown edging on the base and the subdued, naturalistic colours on the top surface.

  2. Thanks Porky! That's exactly the effect I'm going for.

    As you might have seen I rarely go with strong, clear colours but rather work with the greys, greens and browns of my pallete. I don't know... I guess I'm more into "gritty" looking models.


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