Thursday, 26 August 2010

Bigger is better?

Thursday, August 26, 2010

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Earlier I've mentioned the size of the ships for Firestorm: Armada in a kind of offhand manner, but I've never actually shown you how big they are. So without further ado, here you go Andy:

A Relthoza battleship, heavy cruiser and cruiser next to a UNSC battleship, heavy cruiser and light cruiser from Full Thrust.

Battleship vs battleship!

Cruiser vs heavy cruiser. Keep in mind however that the Relthoza cruisers are relatively short at only 6.6 cm (compared to the 9.2 cm Dindrenzi and Sorylian cruisers for example).

And a tiny little Warrior class corvette.

It's like the beginning of  A New Hope! Pew pew!

I think using Full Thrust ships as a yardstick works pretty well since the huge majority of starship battle games out there are roughly the same size, ie a cruiser about 5 cm and a battleship maybe 8-10.

The big chunky ships of Firestorm: Armada definitely look cool and impressive, no problems there. But the big size difference from other games makes it hard to mix and match. As you might remember, originally I wasn't very keen on the looks of the F:A fleets so I was looking around for alternatives. But in the end I kind of gave up because it'd look a bit silly with my miniature fleet against my friends F:A models (although, the Yamato models are a close match!).

In other news, we might get some Mordheim rolling over here! Which would be good as it's both fun (although I prefer Necromunda) and we can also use the models we paint in Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay. Win-win... win!

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  1. Man, those Firestorm Armada ships look like they're bigger than even some of the Galactic Knights super galactic dreadnoughts! It might be hard to fit them all on the table.

  2. Damn, those are some big ships indeed ! Not easy to incorporate them into an existing fleet. Quite a shame really because they look stunning. Not that I'm completely negating the possibility ... and there's always the option of buying two complete fleets, no need to mix and match then ! :-)

    Mordheim !
    We play that on and off here. Believe it or not, but I'm looking to put together a new warband in the near future. A friend has already started with Skaven so the motivation is high.

    Thanks for posting the pictures Martin !


  3. They really are some huge beasts! However, seeing as they're not too expensive it's certainly not too prohibitive to buy two starter fleet boxes right off the bat.
    I'm ordering my stuff from Maelstrom Games as they have free shipping worldwide.

    Also, I haven't assembled my frigates and escorts yet and those are more in line with "normal" space ship models so could probably be incorporated more easily.


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