Saturday, 15 August 2015

Rules Reading!

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Share it Please

Just a very quick update. For the past couple of weeks these are the different rulebooks I've been cycling through. Usually I'm reading the revised The One Ring (thanks Ville!) during breakfast and then Infinity when I get the chance during the day (skipping to points of interest rather than cover to cover) and then I get stuck in with Dropzone Commander after the proto-gamer has gone to sleep.

In fact, I just finished the DzC rulebook tonight, which I did read cover to cover, and I have to say I'm very, very impressed with it! I think it might be the best looking and most well presented miniatures rulebook I've come across in my gaming career. The miniature photos are spectacular, the fluff is good and actually interesting, the layout works well and the actual rules seem solid. In fact I was so impressed with the whole Dropzone Commander two player starter that I'll probably do a mini review of it pretty soon. I'm also in the process of painting my Scourge. I have of course already magnetized my giant Doom Crab!

As for Infinity I've played a couple of learning games with Claes who seem to enjoy it and is picking it up well. I think next time we'll try something with an actual scenario rather than just straight up annihilation as cool scenarios is what Infinity is all about. He's got his Haqq starter box assembled and awaiting some paint as well as a bunch of reinforcements still in blisters. I'm using my trusty Yu Jing but since I also have a number of units that need painting We might do some kind of painting/first battle deadline to motivate us and actually get the stuff up to snuff.

Finally, it's always a joy to read anything for The One Ring and although I've read through the first edition a number of times I was happy to go cover to cover with the revised. It's still the same game although some things have been tweaked (mainly Journeys) and the organization of the book has been improved. I did like the two book system but there were some issues with which rules were where etc.

Yeah... that's it. Just thought it was fun to talk some rules. What are you reading at the moment?

Oh, and don't forget that Fire Broadside is now on Facebook.

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  1. I just finished reading the N3 rules. I must say, it is both well-written and extremely complex. Not a very accessible game, unless you are motivated and have a motivated gaming buddy. Despite that, I like the game, and have a few plays under my belt now.

    1. It's certainly a fairly dense game to get into! While the basic rules are more or less straightforward all the special skills, equipment and maneuvers combine to make it a lot more complex. It's absolutely worth it once you get it under your belt but it will take a substantial investment, that's for sure. Glad you're sticking with it!

      Me being very familiar with second edition it's mostly about learning the new stuff. Love the new hacking rules! :D

  2. Beasts of War website [ ] is doing a lot of content for Dropzone Commander and Infinity lately.

    1. BoW is actually one of the reasons I got into Infinity back in 2010. That's when they had the first Infinity week and sold bundled armies and rulebooks for 50% off! Although I tend to kind of gloss past their articles as I tend to have read them somehwere else, they do post solid info. Good stuff. :)


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