Thursday, 14 May 2015

Painted Undead for MYTH

Thursday, May 14, 2015

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I don't know if I mentioned this, but with the recent MYTH Journeyman kickstarter that I backed I felt that i needed to get a good solid base for the game and hunted down a Captain level pledge from the original kickstarter. So now I've got a bunch of models waiting to be painted! Isn't that a change of pace... hehe!

Shamblers and lair.
I decided to start with the undead as they are the easiest minions to deal with for the heroes and since I really like the look of the miniboss Yardu - the undead giant. The minions were given a very basic paintjob of white undercoat followed by a black wash. Some brown wash for details here and there as well as picking out some features in grey/white but, besides weapons, that was pretty much it - very quick! I was going to clean them up more after the first wash but came to like the dirty look so went with it. Lair got pretty much the same treatment. Love the sculpts for these guys as they're very characterful (which goes for most of the MYTH stuff though).

Nasty Soulless with their nasty magic attacks!
The Soulless took the longest since they have several different things going on with a number of different colours and techniques needed. I was thinking about going heavier with the OSL from the staff, but in the end decided against it since it would simply add too much time. Happy with the way they look now.

Yeah, I know... full frontal and then from a sliiiiight angle. Hehe!
Yardu was fun to paint and I decided to go with some simple non-metallic metal and actually make it look a bit shiny rather than the usual rusty armour you see on undead usually. It's clear from the quests that Yardu is not simply a necromancer's puppet but an entity with his own agency. The idea is to reflect this in his (relatively) well kept weapons and armour; I imagine him sitting in some cave somewhere, polishing his sword and oiling his armour, making plans for the coming day...

These guys were great fun to paint! I think it has a lot to do with the art style as everything has a cartoony yet gritty feel to it. The sculpts are solid and while the details ar there they're sparse enough to make painting quick and easy. I could probably bang out a dozen of these faster than a single Infinity miniature (sure, at a lower standard, but still).

Nex up will be one of each hero and the traps since those will see a lot of play. Then I'll get started with the arachnids as I'm looking forward to getting the Terror with 1000 Legs on the table! I also have the orcs undercoated and when they're done it's time for the Tailless.

Of course, I'll be mixing it up with some Infinity and soon, hopefully, Dropzone Commander.

The whole gang!

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  1. Your paint work has really brought out the character in these figures - such a high standard. That non-metallic metal effect is impressive!

    1. Thanks! The aim has been to capture, if not emulate, Keith's distinctive artwork. With some deviations here and there of course. I need to practice more on NMM but I like to think that I'm getting better at it at least. ;)


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