Sunday, 27 April 2014

Infinity 3rd Edition

Sunday, April 27, 2014

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So the Huge News from Corvus Belli that we have all been waiting for was the announcement of a third edition of Infinity! It was originally said that the next book would be Acheron Falls, a book akin to Human Sphere that would bring new models and sectorials to the game. Bostria has stated that instead we will get the new rulebook first and Acheron Falls has been pushed back.

Bostria also said that the new rulebook won't make any large changes to how the game is played, but rather tighten up the wording (sorely needed!) and make some tweaks here and there. He mentioned the Neoterra Bolts getting new profiles, shotguns becoming more attractive choices and that Infinity will never move away from being a skirmish game. It also seems like line of sight rules will be reworked (with models having a specific silhuette?) as well as base rules (we already knew this) and how retreat works, which could potentially change the game a bit.

The other big announcement (which was one of the worst kept secrets in mini gaming history) was that Antenociti will become one of Infinity's official partners and will make a bunch of vehicles (for scenery) for the game as well as other stuff further down the line. I know Jed has been reworking his Mass Effect inspired habitats to have even more detail, both exterior and interior, and you'll now have the option of getting them prepainted! Having seen what 4Ground has been able to accomplish with prepainted MDF terrain I'm really looking forward to this!

The new and improved Antenociti habitats. These are still beta tests so the final versions will look even better!
The main thing is of course the new edition though and I'm personally welcoming it with open arms! Infinity has been my favourite skirmish game pretty much since I first played it, but it really is in need of a proper rewrite that words things better as well as straighten out a lot of small, but irritating question marks in how the rules interact. Also, even though I think most people simply use the excellent Infinity Wiki when they need to look up rules, it will still be nice to have them all collected in one volume instead of spread out over three. I also imagine that new rules that might be introduced in Acheron Falls would be already incorporated in the new core book.

CB also showed a bunch of new concept are and althogh they said that we'll get better HD images from BoW later on I can't help but throw some of them up here. They're all from Miniaturas y Wargames. Thanks for snapping them for us, guys!

UPDATE: The video and summary of the seminar in English are now available here.

New Yu Jing Invincible heavy support. The stilts sticking out of his back might be some kind of human tripod. The weapon itself looks like it might be a rail or coil gun. Equivalent to an Autocannon?

Whoa... giant shotgun?! I wonder if this and the above are two different concepts for the same loadout or actually two different models we'll see further down the line.

New Yu Jing Invicible. Is that a redesigned HMG at bottom right?! Would be highly welcome!


Undidron - apparently a new troop type for the EI sectorial. Basic trooper?


New Muttawi!

Kazak Sniper (released in May).

Fast Pandas. Er... Krazy Koala's big brother?

New Interventors.


Some kind of Tohaa sniper. Are there any Tohaa with Sapper?

New Tankhunter sculpts. Love the look of the new weapons!

Yepp... lots of neat stuff! The new edition will be released in 2014 and Acheron Falls is anyones guess. Although it seems to me that it should be quicker to release seeing as it's mostly written already.

Exciting times ahead!

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  1. Great news, thanks for sharing. Infinity is in need of some re-wording, but I really think some changes to the rules would freshen things up a bit. I agree that retreat needs to be re-worked, but I also think they need to take a hard look at loss of Lt. That is my least favorite part of the game. Great previews, definitely an exciting time for infinity.

    1. Yes, I agree about the retreat rules. At least in scenarios and ITS games. Having a penalty for loosing your Lt is good I think, but the way it works today it is pretty much game over.

  2. ohmygod. ohmygod. ohmygod.

    SO PSYCHED!!!!!

    This TOTALLY made my day!


    1. Hahaha! SinSynn... I knew you'd like this. :D

  3. Wow one book to rule them all that's awesome

    1. Indeed. Of course we'll se new books in the future (starting with Acheron Falls) but having all the rules in one volume might make me actually use it for other stuff than fluff reading.


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