Friday, 7 March 2014

EDF Infantry

Friday, March 07, 2014

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"Those damn, dirty rebels went that-a way!"
So I painted up the rest of the first squad of NSL infantry from GZG (or Earth Defence Force as I'll call them) - two riflemen, one SAW gunner and one missile launcher operator. As I mentioned earlier these new sculpts are really nice! Clear details and chunky enough to give the armour some weight, but still well proportioned. The rifles are big and blocky and brings a lot of the character to the models. The light machine gun might be my favourite though (if not the box shaped laser sniper rifle!).

I played around a bit with the visors, that I wasn't entirely happy with in my last post, and after considering some sharply contrasting colour I instead opted to go with my initial idea of orange, but make it a bit more vibrant. The problem with my first attempt was the gem effect that didn't really "read" on the small visor. So instead I made it easy for myself by simply using some Vallejo gloss varnish. Hehe!

Looking at them like this I think some extra attention on the tan parts might be warranted.
These are fun to work on and the relatively light colour scheme is a nice departure from my usual dark/drab schemes. I have quite a few of these guys laying around now and I don't know when they'll all actually get painted. However, I'll be doing a few squads for sure, at least one of every sculpt. But then I think it might be more wise to get my Mars terrain done.

Oh, and since there was a request for something to judge the powerloader size by, here's a picture of them together. Of course this crude mech is not anything the EDF will be using...

"Did you guys hear something?"

6 kommentarer :

  1. They look ready to kick some ass and take names!

  2. I like what you've done with these- the visors are particularly striking! These are really sweet sculpts from GZG, and when I've finished my Khurasan GOTA minis, they are next up on my paint table.

    1. Thanks! Yeah, I think brightening up the visors was the way to go. I've seen your GOTA and I think I might nick their urban camo for a future painting project. :)

  3. Lovely work again, I am not averse to a little gloss varnish to get the job done myself :)

    1. Hehe! Sometimes it's simply the best way to proceed.


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