Sunday, 26 February 2012

Sù-Jián Immediate Action Unit Finished!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

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You might (or probably not) remember my first monthly wrap up back in September last year where I showed a WIP shot of my Sù-Jián. Well... I finally finished it. Only took five months! When I first saw the model I wasn't sure what to think of it, it's weirdly spindly almost avian looking in its combat form. The mobility form is more traditional, having a lot in common with the Yáokòng series of remotes. However, as I saw more pictures of it I started to like the weird little bird robot. Sure it seems kind of awkward, but also deadly and fast. And when I finally bought it I was very happy with how it looks in the flesh! A bit tricky to put together though.

Combat form.

I have this idea for a general colour scheme for my Yu Jing, or the Chinese parts anyway. The light grey-blue is the first common denominator with camo green being the second. This is more a guide than a rule so there are some deviatons here and there if it feels appropriate (Daofei and the Japanese for example). I also have in mind to make remotes and TAGs in a darker blue grey  and off-white colour scheme which made me think good and hard about how to paint the Sù-Jián since it's more like heavy infantry than a traditional remote. In the end I decided for a monochrome look with dark grey/black steel structure with light blue/grey armour plating and I think it worked out fairly well. It's certainly not colourful but it feels right in a way. Not entirely happy with the "eyes". As they're sculpted they're not more than slits so no lenses or anything to paint, but it simply looked to dull when they were just black holes. Oh well. I would like to add some details in the form of some small text and symbols though. I might have a look at some Gundam decal sheets or something (although preferably they'd be in Chinese, not Japanese).

Mobility Form.

On the table the Sù-Jián is unique in Infinity as it is the only model (so far) with the Mechanical Transmutation ability meaning it can shift between its two different forms. The smaller mobility form is very fast and can climb any surface quickly while the humanoid combat form is slower but gives it higher accuracy. The armaments consists of a Spitfire, a light flamethrower and a Panzerfaust. So... it's a formidable weapon platform that should be able to reach its intended destination quickly and have the means to keep it once there. I'm looking forward to trying it out... perhaps together with the (even faster!) Aragoto Senkenbutai!

When taking the pics for this I thought it would be fun to take a groupshot of what I have finished so far:

Pretty decent group of soldiers! And since I have the light infantry pretty much taken care of (for now, Keisotsu Butai awaits!) I can concentrate on the fun stuff like heavy infantry, remotes... and TAGs. :)

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  1. Those are lovely looking Martin. :)

    Much Kudos to you on a really good job.

  2. Thanks! :)

    For the past six months I have only painted 15mm stuff (and not much of that either to be honest) so it's a lot of fun getting back to painting my Infinity guys and gals! I think a Guilang might be next...

  3. That model is pretty sweet. I like the clean paint-job which is fitting for one the Yu Jing's premier military developments. The eyes were a struggle on the one I did as well, and I just left them as black slits. I like what you've done here with the slight glow.

    I have just prepare Saito Togan to be painted...but I think he might have to wait. We're all going to play in the Adepticon Infinity Tournament, and I have a Yao Kong, Guiland with CombiRifle and a Shaolin Monk to paint. Here's my army code: eNozNFQ1VDNQM6xBJo1NwJS5mglIyAzMMTJVMwZRRmpmIBVq5mqGAIz8DSc=

  4. Fan-freakin-tastic. These are beauties, truly, excellent job. I haven't played Infinity, I'd like to if only because of the excellent models. I don't see any of the hologram-wielding characters in your force? I don't know what they are called, operators?

  5. Great job on this guy, that color scheme says "killing machine" and also really brings out the shapes.

  6. Thanks everyone! You're making me blush over here. Hehe!

    @Tim - I think yours look fins with only slits since it's otherwise fairly colourful. I'm not entirely happy with how my eyes turned out though. Because of the lack of any lenses to paint it looks a bit messy close up. But then again, at the tabletop it looks good. :)

    Apart from the Hùsóng and the monk that list looks very similar to have been playing with. Interesting choice to make the Tiger into a hacker. Since we lack repeaters I guess he'll have more chances to hack if he lands in the opponents back yard. The monk and the Sù-Jián can probably work well together and you could use the minelayer to try and block one flank. The remote is mostly to guard against enemy AD troops and the like?

    @Mik - If I ever make it over to your neck of the woods I'll be sure to bring my Infinity minis so I can show you how the game works. :) I started playing it because of the fantastic sculpts but discovered that the game itself is just as good.

    @Spacejacker - Killing machine sounds great! It was what I was going for. :D

  7. @Mik - Sorry, I forgot to answer your question about the hologram-wielding dudes! :D

    They are hackers and although I normally use one of my Celestial Guards as a hacker I don't actually have "official" hacker model yet. Although there are only two released so far for Yu Jing and only one makes use of the holo. Yu Jing aren't very big on hacking, more often than not relying on their heavy infantry to get the message across. Nows, Nomads or ALEPH on the other hand...

    Modelling wise it's a very cool idea but I'm unsure how well it actually looks in the flesh. I'll give it a try sooner or later though.

  8. Very excellent work !
    How did you make the octogonal ground ?

  9. Thanks Odz! It was a fun project.

    I should have mentioned the bases. They're from Micro Art Studios who make a lot of different bases as well as terrain. They now also mmake official stuff for Infinity.


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