Wednesday, 22 February 2012

February Releases for Infinity!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

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Two posts in one day? What is the world coming to?! I usually don't post simply about new releases but I just might start to with Infinity since the models are so damn good looking! So lets have a look at what February brings us!

First out we have a Myrmidion armed with a Spitfire for ALEPH. My knowledge about ALEPH units is minimal at best but I know the Myrmidions are close quarter shock troops and looking at their stats they seem pretty darn formidable. Not linkable but I'm sure that will change once ALEPH get their sectorials. I quite like the Myrmidons in general and this model in particular. The pose might look static at first glance but to me it seems like he's just spotted his next target and is bringing the Spitfire up to hose it!

We had already seen the Jotum as a preview on Beasts of War and I must say it's simply lovely looking! Contrary to popular opinion I'm not all that impressed by the other PanO TAGs. Both the Cutter and the Dragoes are excellent models, but the design haven't appealed to me. However, the Jotum really does! Big and brutish is just up my alley! I also like that you can see that it's based on the same chassis as the Dragoes, just a lot heavier.
It just might have become my favourite TAG and if/when the Svalarheima sectorial is released I'm getting one... if not sooner.

Nomads get some reinforcements in the form of a Reverend Custodier with boarding shotgun. The Reverend Custodier with combi rifle was released a few months back and while I liked the design I thought the pose was a bit plain. Cool in a way, but not particularly action-packed. Now we get this boarding shotgun toting babe and the pose is great! While the boarding shotgun might not be my first choice of weapon on this figure it certainly looks great. Love the flaring coat! Also, I think this is only the second shotgun carrying model released for Nomads. Neat!

 Well, well, well... what have we here?! At first glance they look kind of like the arachnids from Verhoeven's Starship Troopers, but they are in fact Yu Jing Yáopú Pangguling remotes. These are the Baggage remotes that all factions have and can be used to up the retreat limit of your force. They are also the only way to get an EVO repeater in a Yu Jing army so they're certainly a welcome sight! I like how the models are similar to the Yáokòng while still being completely different! To me they look more fragile although the stats say otherwise. These will be sitting on my workbench in the near future...

To round out the bunch we have a Zouaves armed with a rifle, D.E.P and assault pistol for Ariadna. We've only seen the sapper variants before, armed with HMG and sniper rifle. Here we have a model that can represent any of the other options reasonably well. With all the flashy releases for the other factions it can sometimes be easy for the Ariadna releases to get overlooked - there's no power armour or TAGs or REMs. They look just as good though and with their more contemporary look is often more easy to relate to. This guy with his heavy backpack and DEP over his shoulder simply looks real to me. It's the pose as well of course which manage to transmit both weight and movement. And the assault pistol in his right hand is just icing on the cake. Good stuff!

An excellent month for Infinty players I must say! The models I'm most happy to see gaming wise is the Yu Jing remotes, I've always wanted an EVO repeater. They also plug the second to last hole in the Yu Jing miniature line. Woo! As for favourite model from a miniature perspective it has to go to the Jotum. It simply manage to push all the right buttons for me. Awesome in every way!

Oh, and you might have noticed that in some of new pictures you can see the new marker and measuring tool from MAS. Which is kind of cool. :)

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  1. hey Martin,
    left you a message on TMP regarding your need for alternate apc's for imperial guard...I may have a few at43 oni apc's for trade
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