Friday, 30 September 2011

September Wrap Up

Friday, September 30, 2011

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Going to try something new here and see if I can keep doing monthtly gaming/geek wrap ups like this one. When listening to gaming podcasts and reading other blogs I find these kind of discussions are usually very interesting. I want to try and keep these things fairly quick and dirty so I'll be able to crank them out at the end of every month, so without further ado...

Painting & Modelling

  • Finally got back into painting Infinity and managed to get my Su-Jian to an almost finished state and get started on one of my remotes. The pic above isn't actually current as I've painted the top halves as well now. Should be able to finish them during the weekend. 
  • Also got my Zuzzy mat although I haven't started working on it yet. Looks really good though!

Mini and Board Games

  • Have also played Infinity a couple of times. First when I introduced it to Gille and then against Anders' Nomads. I lost against Gille (who also really liked the game) but won against Anders. It's simply the best minis game out there! With the new October releases coming up I'm feeling the Shasvaasti is looking more and more attractive. Just look at that awesome Sphinx!
  • Managed my first complete game of Dungeon Lords and had lots of fun with it! In the end I ended up at a close second place but am looking forward to playing it again.
  • Introduced Race for the Galaxy to Martin3 and he really liked it! Should really hurry up and get the others play it so we could easily use it as a filler. We played twice and won once each. I think he really quickly grasped the mechanics and how to play it successfully.
  • Five player game of Battlestar Galactica yesterday where I finally got to be a Cylon (haven't been one for ages!). I got the Cylon card from a revealed Cylon who had two so it doesn't really count but it was fun being the bad guy nonetheless. When the humans were at distance 8 we managed to drain the last of the fuel and won the day. 
  • Followed that by a short half-game of Gears of War the board game. Even though I was really excited about playing it I wasn't sure how my friends would react (they haven't played the game) but they absolutley loved it! Great success! I think I'll have to paint at least the player figures until next time though, to make it easier to distinguish them from each other.

Roleplaying Games

  • Haven't actually played anyting but the cogs in my little brain never stops turning. I talked mostly about it in my last post about alternative gaming, but besides that we have WFRP that we'll (hopefully) get back into in the not too distant future (oh, speaking of which: Hero's Call was announced!). Might also get to play some Mouse Guard with another group (or mixed groups) of friends. Yeah... pretty focused on Mouse Guard at the moment. Hehe! Also look at what you get in that box. Even mouse pawns like in the comic! How awesome is that?! More pics here.
  • Not really roleplaying per se, but have been listening to RPG podcast Minions of the Monster Master again. Mainly in prep for MG, but also since they're a bunch of gamers who manage to both spin an interesting tale and be funny and entertaining at the same time. I have a lot of catching up to do though. Looking forward to hearing their FATE version of Deathwatch. Go and listen to them!

Video Games

  • Only one entry here: Deus Ex: Human Revolution that I've actually played through it twice during the last month (and got all the achievements). It's a really excellent game both in how it plays and the amazing Blade Runner/Cyberpunk atmosphere they've created. Having grown up on William Gibson this was like crack for me. The screenshot above is from my favourite area in the game: lower Hengsha in China. Anyway, you can play in a number of different ways, everything from stealthy hacker to smooth talking softie is catered for. So far I've been a pretty stealthy guy, sometimes resorting to my silenced pistol, but I'm thinking about playing it again but going in all guns blazing. Highly recommended!

Other Geekstuff

  • Wrote a couple of reviews over at Dropship Horizon. One of the excellent Omni-Stands from Corsec Engineering and one of the new releases from GZG (Crusty walker and heavy infantry).
  • Watched some movies; liked Thor, felt indifferent towards Transformers 3 (but liked that you could actually make out what the robots look like and are doing this time around), was incredibly bored by Space Battleship Yamato (great dissapointment!), liked Super and Attack the Block.
  • Read (or listened to) A Dance for Dragons (great, but GRRM is pretty much treading water now) and William Gibson's Zero History. Damn, I love how that man writes! It's something about how he uses objects and brands combined with interesting characters combined with a lightness of touch that I find absolutely compelling.
  • Have also started reading Mouse Guard (duh!) and although the story is fairly simple the world really draws you in. Mainly thanks to the fantastic art of course, but it's more than that. Read it!

And that's about it for September. Roll on October!

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  1. That Mouse Guard thing looks kinda cute, ne`er heard of it before in lil` ol` Belgium

  2. I was first made aware of Mouse Guard when the rpg was released back in 2008 but the theme (or what little I knew of it. Mice with swords) didn't appeal to me. But as I started reading the Mouse Guard rpg (without having read the comics) I came to realize that the setting was very different from what I had thought. A lot more grim and periless to begin with, and a lot more characterfull as well.

    So I ordered the illustrated novels and they are great! And I'm really not a comic book kind of guy, but I really like Mouse Guard. Found and excellent overview/review of Mouse Guard over at Gnome Stew, right here if you're interested. More information about the comics and the world of Mouse Guard can naturally be found at


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