Sunday, 15 May 2011

LPL Sunday: Round 10! And round 9 recap

Sunday, May 15, 2011

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Again my LPL painting schedule got bumped in favour of Infinity, so I simply entered them instead. The minis I had painted were the Yu Jing Kuang Shi, their Celestial Guard "minder" and a Daofei. The four Kuang Shi are political prisoners that have been brainwashed, given a chain rifle and an exploding backpack. They're basically suicide troops, but surprisingly effective for their cost! I kept the basic colour scheme I had established for my Yu Jing, but added an off-white colour to their helmets, manacles and the Kuang Shi control device that the Celestial Guard is carrying. The idea was to create a kind of unity through that single colour. But then I went and used it on the Daoefei as well. Hehe!

The Daofei was a late addition but I couldn't resist a camouflaged heavy infantry with a heavy machine gun. At first I actually tried painting her with urban camo, but it didn't look good so I went with a simple black/grey instead.

I went up against Cwchmc's "Doctor and Friends" that was both very well painted and had a theme that I think really appeals to many LAFers, so a loss was inevitable. The votes ended at 101 vs 221.

Some other great entries this round were:

  • Allied Battlesuits - I've seen minis that are technically better painted, but these guys have so much character!
  • Morat Vanguard + Winter is Coming - Two excellent entries! And featuring two of my favourite fictional universes as well! In the end Frank's more subdued colours got my vote.
  • Mountains of Madness - Can't resist such a beautifully rendered Lovecraft entry!
  • The Summoning - Usually I don't think photo and lighting effects fit into a competition like this as I like to see the minis clearly, but this time it works perfectly. Great scene!

The 10th and final round is a bonus round and the theme is movies! My plan was to use this to finally finish my space battleship Yamato and Earth Defence Fleet. But I had another spraying accident and one side of the Yamato became kind of grainy. It was still paintable but I would definitely have put that side away from the camera. However, as I sat down and made ready to kind of speed paint these ships I felt that I didn't want to do it that way. Sure it's getting long in the tooth now, but I still want to take my time with these models.

So instead I cobbled together a kind of group shot of some of the 15mm Mars stuff I had painted in the LPL so far. So no bonus points for me at all this round, but it still felt like a nice wrap up of the competition. And I must admit I've been suffering from a bit of a LPL fatigue these last few weeks and have found it hard to get excited or care much about it. Anyway, I'll type out a longer post recaping the entire league some time after round 10 is over.

Now head on over to the Lead Adventure Forum and check out mine and all the other entries. And don't forget to vote!

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