Thursday, 24 March 2011


Thursday, March 24, 2011

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What my workspace currently looks like. See if you can figure out what the different minis are. Hehe!

Just thought I'd make a quick post about some random stuff going on.

First off, I'm getting into swing of this 15mm stuff! My little spacemen are finished and I'm now doing some Earth Gov/UNSC that may or may not appear in round 3 of the LPL. It depends on if I get the other stuff I ordered in time (ie tomorrow!).

It seems like Firestorm: Armada might get an upswing as Spartan Games has released new Model Assigned Rules (aka MARs) as well as rules for the upcoming alliance fleets (you can find it all on this page, just scroll down to Alliance Fleet Documents). The renders shown so far are looking really good, I'm especially eyeing the RSN ships. Also, the additional Stealth Systems rule for Relthoza make them seem a lot more how I envisioned them to be. Good stuff all around!

I got Mansions of Madness the other day and we tried it out this past Sunday. Unfortunately I put a stack of cards in the wrong room so the "rythm" of the scenario went completely out the window, breaking immersion a bit. I really liked what I saw though and I'm looking forward to our next (correct!) game!

That same day we had another WFRP session. I know, I know... I'm running behind in updates. It's that LPL sucking up all my time! Hehe! In any case, I think the next one or two sessions will be the finale of the Gathering Storm campaign, and I'm glad it is. It's not a bad campaign per se, it's just a bit... pedestrian. I'll write a proper review once we're actually done. Oh, and I'll try to get some session reports posted again soon.

This week is Infinity Week over at Beasts of War and to celebrate it Corvus Belli are selling their new(?) Infinity army boxes for half price! They've also updated their website and it's looking very swank, they've even integrated the Infinity army builder. Neat! On top of that Beasts of War have released a bunch of videos on Youtube during the week showcasing all kinds of Infinity stuff. Basically, there's never been a better time to get into the game, and since it's something I've been looking at since it was released in 2005 it's a no brainer for me and I'm getting the Yu Jing army box. I just hope I can get some of my friends interested in it...

So that's a small update on what's happening over here. Stay tuned for more LPL Sundays and WFRP session reports. As well as some other stuff...

4 kommentarer :

  1. Hey there,

    nice stuff here, excellent blog as well, it's quite inspiring.

    Just a question... I noticed that your Yamato project has stalled a bit... I am interested in getting one started, and wondering if you would be up for selling your fleet? Just curious :) If so, contact me through my site's contact form (


  2. Hey Neldoreth! Glad you like the blog!

    Yes, the Yamato stuff has been on the back (waaaay back) burner for a while now, but it's set for a comeback in the near future! So I'm afraid it's not up for sale. I think you can get all of the stuff I have at Hobby Link Japan though. Or most of it anyway.

  3. That's great to hear that it's making a comeback! I am eagerly anticipating seeing it's progress once more! And also some space-battlefield action when it's ready :)


  4. Oh, most definitely some space action! I've been thinking about making some house rules for them, but until I do I think the Terrans ships are probably the best match. If we're talking about Firestorm Armada that is... :)


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