Sunday, 20 March 2011

LPL Sunday: Round 2! Plus Round 1 Recap

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Share it Please

So round 1 of the LPL is over and done with, attracting a whopping 72 entries! My contribution was the "Intrepid Mars Explorers" that you can see above. They're 15mm minis from GZG and I've wanted to paint a bunch of them since I first layed eyes on them. I'm quite happy with the result as they have a very nice, generic spaceman/astronaut theme. I'm planning to get a few of the armed versions as well as the heavy vac-suit ones as well. Just need to wait for GZG to get their new webshop online!

They were well received but my opponent, Frank, had a whole indian wardancer scene built up that was amazing so he won with 280 votes against 92. A well deserved victory!

A few of my other favourite entries were:

  • Monks in a Samurai Village - Probably my favourite entry this round. Beautifully painted miniatures and great scenery. Makes me want to start collecting medieval Japanese!
  • King in Yellow - Being a fan of both the book by RW Chambers and its mythos counterpart I couldn't resist this entry.
  • A Walk in the Country - I would like to say just "The dog!" but that would be unfair to all the other great stuff going on in this entry. Just look at the plaids!
  • On the Streets of Breugelburg/Abdul's Alterations - It was tough voting on these two entries, but in the end I had to go with the Olde Worldish Breugelburgers. Both great entries.

I really liked the civilian theme as it brought out a lot of models that you normally don't see. Round 5 is the next theme round and the theme is Africa. I have some ideas, but I'm not sure they'll work out. I said that I wouldn't buy any new figures for the LPL, but that rule went out the window when I discovered how much fun 15mm really is, but I do have a rule that I don't want to paint stuff that I won't use. And I think that rule might make it hard to do the Africa theme. We'll see...

For round 2 I bought myself some time with a slighly older team of miniatures. See them and all the other entries over at the Lead Adventure Forum. And don't forget to vote!

5 kommentarer :

  1. The level is very high this year, and I must say, I liked your spacemen, especially the redness of the base and the visors

  2. Thanks Tomsche! I quite like my little spacemen as well. They were fun to paint! :)

    A great league indeed. I've just gone through the second round and there're oodles of niceties!

  3. Great job on those visors too!

  4. Like Tomsche said: the level is high this year, but you fit right in! Those spacemen got a great paintjob!

    Maybe we'll get to see that vehicle painted in a later round?

  5. @Li'l Gyro Thanks! I love the old soulstone painting trick that I read in that White Dwarf all those years ago. :)

    @Andy I think the hauler might indeed show up in a later round. I have a lot of 15mm stuff planned...


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