Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Infantry of all sizes!

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Share it Please

I was working on basing my recently acquired  UNSC marines when I realized that I had a nice three-scales-of-infantry thing going on at my workspace and felt it deserved a mention. Two squads of 15mm UNSC marines from GZG, a section of 10mm Northern Guard infantry from DP9 and some 6mm Eldar Dire Avengers from GW.

As you might have seen on the Twitter I've started working on my Heavy Gear infantry (at long last) but I'm kind of mixing it up with other stuff to keep my motivation up. The UNSC stuff is mostly just basing, but they might show up in the LPL, I'm not quite sure yet. I dug out my old Eldar a few days ago after talking Epic with my friend Martin. It's one of my favourite miniature games (whatever version, but preferably Armageddon) and it was actually the first miniature game I got into, and my first army was Eldar.

That was back in the old Space Marine days, and I've since repurposed my Eldar minis, clipping them off their old square bases and put them on the better looking rectangular bases. You might also remember one of the Titans I mentioned in an earlier post. I've been talking about Dystopian Wars recently, but I think I might actually get my epic Eldar ready for play instead. I'm thinking... Saim-Hann!

2 kommentarer :

  1. I'm guessing there's some LPL entries here ... ;-)

  2. There might be. Well, I'll probably shove anything new I paint into the LPL. Haha!


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