Sunday, 28 March 2010

Old friends rediscovered...

Sunday, March 28, 2010

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My first foray into miniature gaming was through the second edition of Space Marine in the early 1990s. Me and a few of my friends were really into it and had huge actually painted armies! My army of choice was the Eldar as I liked their old gravtanks (you know, the one to the right there) and I had quite the formidable force. Naturally I also had some titans, three to be exact. Two regular and one Warlock Titan. I remember being happy with the paintjob on the first of them, but the other two were kind of meh.

Anyway, maybe six or seven years ago I had the idea of making a new Eldar army for Epic Armageddon, and I bought a small starting force. I also took one of my old titans, stripped it and rebuilt it slightly. I assembled and basecoated all of it, but then I more or less forgot about it all and the army has been sitting on a shelf waiting for something to happen.

So here I am, back in Sweden again going through my old stuff and I come across this old converted titan. And it's actually kind of nice, I like the pose I put him in. Here are a few snaps:

I basically just repositioned the left leg by cutting it off at the knee and hip and 
pinning it back into place with some added greenstuff.

And of course I needed something for it to rest its foot on. What better than a Landraider?

"Dude, dude! Take a picture of me with this Landraider I just one-shotted! Awesome!"

Although I kind of liked the new-old design they tried with the phantom titan it doesn't hold a candle to this original one. Really great model! I'm considering actually stripping down the other two as well and play around with the legs a bit to see what kind of poses I can get. It'd be cool to get something with a lot of movement, like a titan running. Hmm...

However, I have a lot of other projects cooking at the moment so I'll have to resist the urge! I'll put it on the list and I'm sure you'll see it painted and ready soon enough.

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