Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Old Stuff Day!

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Share it Please

Yes, today is the newly instated Old Stuff Day, and I thought I'd contribute! The idea of OSD is to repost or link back to some of your older stuff that you think deserves a second chance (for whatever reason). So without further ado here's my list of stuff, from older to newer:

UNSC all done!- Because it was my first finished fleet of spaceships! And I really like the group shots. Hmm... maybe I should update the pictures with some terrain and stuff... 
Chaos in der Alten Welt - Because it's such an awesome game and I want to play more of it. 
Hey-Yo! Recon Squad done! - Because by the time I'd painted this squad I'd realized that Heavy Gear was going to be a fixture in my gaming life, regardless of if I would actually ever get to play it or not. Also I'm happy very with how they turned out. 
Find a job, find a crew, keep flying - Because I like thinking about spaceship-based RPGs and  hopefully this could be of help to people in a similar situation.  
Massively affected - Because Mass Effect is Mass Effect! 
Board Game Extravaganza - Because I managed to cram so much stuff in there. 
Return of Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay - Because it's where I started chronicling our RPG sessions. 
Carrier done! - Because this list started with spaceships and it feels right to end it with spaceships. My Relthoza cruisers are staring at me, but I think the LPL might get in the way...

So that is some of my old stuff. But I'd like to recommend a post on another blog as well and this time I'm going with The Micro / Macro Divide from A Warrant of Trade. There are a lot of excellent posts on this blog concerning Rogue Trader and RPGing in general, but this was the post that resonated most strongly with me as I'd have similar thoughts but hadn't been able to type them out as neatly.

So that's Old Stuff Day on Fire Broadside this year. It'll be interesting to see what turns up in 2012.

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  1. This whole blog is an extravaganza, and for me you've managed to put up a post that captures the reasons. A perfect introduction to what you've got going on here.

  2. Thanks Porky. That was more or less what I was going for here: a few samples of the different things going on on this blog. :)


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