Wednesday, 29 September 2010

The Old Guard!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

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The other day I was looking through some pics of my old miniature cabinet and realized that I actually quite like my old Imperial Guard army! It's still far from a "finished" army but still, there are 60 models in it. More than most complete Space Marine armies. Hehe!

Anyway I took some time to photograph the little rascals earlier today and here's the result. 

What's painted so far: Company command squad, a platoon with four squads and a stormtrooper squad.

 Command Squad.

Company commander with power sword. I wanted to give him a kind samurai look so I put him in a pose similar to hassō-no-kamae and bent his sword a bit backwards, making it slightly katanaish.

Company commissar with stormbolter and power sword. 

Company Missionary.

I especially like the overloaded backpack this guy carries! Makes for a nice lived-in feel.

Veteran sergeant armed with a shotty! I felt I just had to make one.

Company Standard. 

Platoon command squad with lascannon and flamethrower.

Had to convert myself a few flamethrower equipped troopers.

Looking at it now I think I should have done the hose in a different way. He looks awfully close to tripping on it!

      Lascannon taking position behind some urban rubble...

All the bricks was from some 1:35 scale model kit.

Alpha squad with attached preacher and veteran sergeant.

Preacher with bad teeth and a cudgel. Fear him!

Alpha squad support weapon. A heavy bolter.

Beta squad with distinguished veteran sergeant!

Veteran sergeant Holtz! He used to be a lowly trooper, but in the one and only game I've played with these guys so far he managed to down a Hive Tyrant (or was it a Carnifex?) with his modest lasgun so I decided to make him into a special modelling project for my next squad. :)

Beta squad heavy weapon, a missile launcher.

Gamma squad with lascannon, meltagun and veteran sergeant.

Gamma squad heavy weapon.

Delta squad with heavy bolter and grenade launcher.

Delta squad support weapon.
Stormtrooper squad Omega with veteran sergeant, a plasma gun and a meltagun. Even though the newer Kasrkin stormtroopers are better models, I think these minis have a much cooler design. The sculpts aren't up to GW's usual high standard, but I like how they look kind if sinister in their hi-tech gear. 

 Close up of a stormtrooper. Much better design! The Kasrkins are a bit too... plain, as it were.

Squad support weapon!

 The sarge...

I still have more models lying around for this army. I think it's about one more squad, two heavy weapon squads, another stormtrooper squad and one or two platoon command squads. Definetly enough to more or less "finish" the infantry part of the army. What I really need is some armour. Oh, and some sexy, sexy air support!

I've more or less stopped playing GW's big games, but looking at this army again now after five years I kind of get the itch to finish it. Or at least make it playable. Hmm...

 So, that's it! Sorry for the long post. Hope you enjoyed the pictures.

6 kommentarer :

  1. That is a very good looking "footslogging" part of an imperial army ! If you can find the time and the motivation to add some armour it would be a very impressive force to behold !

    ... but first things first, paint witch hunters !!!!! :-)

  2. Haha! Yeah, fleshing out this army is something I MIGHT do at some point further down the road.

    At the moment I'm way to busy with spaceships, flagellants and maybe an upcoming 15mm project I'm considering. :)

  3. Hi Martin, I really like your Imperial Guard Troops, please contact me via email on as I was wondering if you would consider to sell them.
    Krgs, Joseph /Denmark

  4. Hey Joseph!
    That's very flattering, but I'm afraid I get much too attached to the miniatures I paint to be able to sell them. Sorry. :)

  5. Dont have to use them in a GW game. There are many others out there, such as Stargrunts 2

  6. @James - That's a good point! As you might know I'm currently doing a lot of 15mm stuff where many of the rule systems are pretty much scale independant. I've been thinking of using them for Tomorrow's War to easily get my friends to try it (as they think 15mm is "weird" or something).

    I've been thinking about playing Necromunda using AE Bounty rules, so why not 40k with Tomorrow's War, Stargrunt or Gruntz? Hehe!


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