Friday, 24 September 2010

Put your trust in the Assault Cannon!

Friday, September 24, 2010

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Today I tried FFG's new game Space Hulk: Death Angel for the first time, and in spite of doing it solo I had a blast! It's quick, tense and very thematic. This is what the game looked like in the beginning:

Three teams of two terminator space marines each. The game is structured around the column formation where the position and facing (left or right) determines what you can do and where you can attack. There are also different terrain cards (corridor, vent, prometheum tank, door etc) that determines where genestealers may spawn.

I managed to hold off the nasty aliens pretty well in the beginning and I was almost starting to get a bit cocky, but things went very wrong when I reached the Hibernation Cluster and I was quickly down to only three men!

Surrounded by genestealers and having lost both Sergeant Lorenzo and Librarian Calistarius, things were looking dire. Luckily for me though brother Valenco was still alive and this kind of target rich environment is what the assault cannon was made for...

When I finally arrived at our objective, a toxin pumping station brother Scipio was lost to some kind of alien psychic attack and only Red Team was left.

The last two marines were fighting back to back to stave off the hordes and activated the toxin pumps to kill the unseen aliens still lurking in tunnels and airvents. Thanks to the gas no more alien reinforcements arrived and brother Valenco used his assault cannon with great skill, decimating his enemies. It looked like the two brothers would pull through when the last genestealer suddenly flanked brother Leon and ripped him to pieces! Brother Valenco avenged him with his assault cannon and as the spinning barrels slowly wound down he realized that he was alone. All his brothers were dead. 
But so were all the genestealers...

Yepp, with quite a bit of beginners luck I actually managed to win this first game of Death Angel! The whole Attack, Move or Support mechanic is great and I can imagine the tactical discussions when playing it with a group of friends.

Great little game!

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