Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Firestorm: Yamato Starter Fleet WIP

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Share it Please

Today I took some time assembling a starter fleet from my Yamato/Star Blazers models and you can see the result above. Of course these are not yet painted (not by me in any case) and the stands are all wrong, but I just wanted to show you what it looks like at the moment. I think the models are the right size but just not as chunky as the ones from Spartan Games. I like the sleek look though. :)

On to the individual ships:

Frigate (6 cm). I'm considering cutting off the little thing that's jutting out under the prow. Haven't really decided yet though.

Cruiser (10.5 cm). I actually have two version of these. Four that look like this and two that don't have the big spiny looking thing. I'm thinking about removing it actually as it kind of makes them look smaller, if you know what I mean.

Carrier (11.5 cm). This is probably the model that needs the most work. I want to make it more clear that it's a carrier and am planning to make a kind of runway looking thing somewhere. Probably I'll relocate the gun turret and make the front part into a runway with some kind of hangar doors at the end.

Battleship (14 cm). I'll use the Andromeda for now, but have the option of using a standard battleship and then the Andromeda as a flagship later on.

That's all for now I think. I have about twice as much as this but thought I'd start out with the basics. Next up I need to get myself some grey spray paint and some nice Litko stands!

"Fighting with the Gamilons, we won't stop until we've won
Then we'll return and when we arrive, the Earth will survive
With our Star Blazers!"

2 kommentarer :

  1. Very nice! I'd like to do the same.

    Where did you get your models?

    How long are they?



  2. I bought my models in Japan, but they're available online, at Hobbylink Japan as well. Just make a search for "space panorama" and you'll find them.

    That's the cruisers and battleships though, the frigates and carrier are from smaller so called "trading kits" and I'm not sure they're available anymore. Do a search for "yamato mechanical" and see what you can find.

    Also, as I mentioned in an earlier post, there's a new Yamato movie being released in December in Japan and I'm sure there'll be a wave of new model releases following it.


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