Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Home again, home again, jiggity-jigg!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Share it Please
I've arrived and am now settling into my new (old) home. I've been meeting with my old buddies and managed a game of Battlestar Galactica in which we, the humans, actually won! We've also been discussing a lot of Firestorm: Armada and WFRP3.

I thought I was real clever bringing one of my projects (the Yamato ships) with me in my luggage instead of sending it by boat, so that I'd have something to keep me occupied with as I waited for the rest. Unfortunately I kind of screwed it up anyway since I sent all my paints and tools in the boat boxes. There's a bunch of stuff I can't really do until they get here, but I suppose I can at least assemble them... and I do need to buy some new paints in any case. I was thinking of going with a grey base-coat on these, but now that GW only carries black and white what should I use? Does anyone have any suggestions? I've heard Vallejo has grey primer, has anyone tried it?

I've also finally come to a decision on how to mount these ships and how to use magnets to make the stands removable. Only problem is that Litko is coming out with a few custom bases and stuff for F:A so I might have to wait to check those out before actually ordering anything. My friends have been talking about using a custom base like this one to be able to track damage etc. And although I can appreciate their thinking, I really think a big, garish Christmas treeish base like that would detract from the model. The point about the standard Litko stands is that they're completely clear, letting them almost blend into the background. But having all those frills destroys all that I think. We'll see...

I also have to admit that I've been eyeing the Shroud Mages for The Uncharted Seas. I think it's a combination of me liking how they look and the starter fleet box being very affordable. Hmm...

And finally, some Warhammer news. Yesterday two of my players created their characters. So far we have a penniless Troll Slayer and a shady Grey Wizards apprenctice. This campaign is shaping up to be slightly more "high fantasy" than what we're used to in WFRP, but it should be an interesting change of pace! More news on WFRP later.

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