Saturday, 16 January 2010

Dragoons WIP...

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Share it Please
I was hoping to get the three Jaguars in the Dragoon Squad finished tonight, but I didn't quite make it. However, I thought I'd put up a WIP pic that showed the four stages of how I paint the main brown colour (spoiler: it's the same way I painted my Full Thrust ships. Almost.). With hindsight I should have put them the other way around... :P

  1. Base coat of a Snakebite Leather and Chaos Black mix. As you can see it's quite dark and it's more of an olive drab rather than brown.
  2. Highlighting with pure Snakebite Leather, although watered down more than normal and leaving parts where the darker coat shines through.
  3. First highlitght with a Snakebite Leather/Skull White mix, being fairly discreet with the white. In this stage I start to define edges a bit more but I'm still fairly liberal (and not very precise) with where the paint ends up.
  4. Final highlight(s). I compressed the last couple of stages in this last miniature as they're very quick. Basically I just add more white and concentrate more and more on just the edges of the model until at the very end it's almost just pure Skull White.
And that's it basically. It's really quite simple and I it's very easy to make it as precise or as slapdash as you want depending on how much time you want/can spend on the models. I'm definitely more at the slapdash end of the scale, but it still looks pretty good I think. :D

I'll finish these guys up tomorrow, so see you then!

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