Sunday, 3 May 2009

Battleship incoming!

Sunday, May 03, 2009

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I thought I'd start with the big stuff and work myself down this time around and I just finished the UNSC Luna class battleship. I took a bunch of work in progress pictures to satisfy the curious reader. I'm using Citadel paints as they're readily available here in Japan, as opposed to, say, Vallejo.

So here we go!

After a black spray coat we start off with a basecoat of Catachan Green.

Followed by a generous wash of black ink, sorry, I mean Badab Black.

Basic highlights with Catachan Green.

Highlights with a 50/50 Catachan Green and Camo Green mix.

Pure Camo Green highlights.

Details (windows and torpedo tubes) first based with Space Wolves Grey and then Skull White. The red stripes on the tubes starts with Scab Red highlighted with Blood Red. I'll go back and do the stripes on the other ships with torpedo tubes as well.

Enginges and other details go from a 50/50 mix Chaos Black/Dwarf Bronze, highlighted with Dwarf Bronze, then Burnished Gold and finally Mithril Silver. And... all done!

So that's it. Next up another heavy cruiser...

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