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February Releases for Infinity!

Wednesday, March 04, 2015

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Let's have a look at the latest releases for Infinity. While there are some basic stuff in there to fill out your link teams there are also a couple of new additions that will be fully introduced in Acheron Falls.

I'll get started with the Nazarova Twins, Kum Enforcers for Haqqislam. The resculpted Kum bikes really are very cool looking and although I'm a little sad the cool sci-fi vibes of the monobikes were replaced with space harleys I do like them. However, I hope we're done with them for a bit now as there's been quite a few space harley releases lately. Now, with that out of my system, let's talk about the actual models! Bikes=cool but sad. Check. The twins... great sculpts (as always these days) and cheesy but in a kind grindhouse way that I actually quite like! I like Zamira the best thanks to that stone cold pose with the shades and the cool looking shotgun (new Haqq light shotgun, right?). Zuleyka is great as well - looking like she just skidded to a stop and is now opening up with her twin breaker pistols! I personally wouldn't paint her top as see-through, but I guess Angel needed some practice. Hehe! Their stats aren't all that impressive as they're basically ever so slightly souped up regular Kum. The only really special thing about them are Zuleykas twin breakers, twin light flamethrowers and her DA close combat weapon. No idea why she got all the cool toys while Zamira is pretty much just a regular Kum. So, you get these guys for the models, not for the stats.

Here comes a completely new unit; Teucer, Agéma's Warrant Officer for ALEPH and what a gorgeous sculpt it is! Someone mentioned that we finally have Adam Jensen in Infinity and I'm inclined to agree. The only thing that's really missing are the cybernetic shades (and a black paintjob), the rest matches up pretty well, even the cybernetic looking arms! I wonder if they do that nifty killy thing that Jensen's does. Nice pose that feels unique and a little odd without being over the top weird or unrealistic. And then there's that gun! The Yu Jing Spitfire have long been my favourite gun in the game, but this ALEPH Feuerbach might have it beat. We got a sneak at his stats as well and Marksmansip X, NWI and either an X-Visor or a MSV2 he certainly knows how to hit his target. Quite pricey at 44+ points, and a bit slow, but this is not a model you'd move around a lot on the other hand. Either way, I'll get him for my Steel Phalanx just for the awesome model! Of course, mine will be be dressed in black.

We can't all be super cool AI sleeves with huge guns, we need grunts as well. Like the new Corregidor Alguaciles support weapon box for Nomads. You probably already know that I quite like these guys and I'm happy we can now field a whole gang of space adventure Cobras not only with combirifles but special weapons as well! Speaking of weapons, the redesigned Nomad guns look great as usual. I like how the sniper is in the middle of a reload and the fairly mundane yet hi-tech looking missile launcher. I think the underslung grenade launcher with a revolver magazine might be my favourite though! I also like how they've managed to make them look like four distinct models rather than two versions of the same bodies (which it actually is). It's probably a tricky feat to pull of, and sometimes it doesn't really work out, but these guys look good I think. The very individual heads help a lot (compared to the Ghulam SWC box for example).

Yet another unit from Acheron Falls! The Igao Unit for Tohaa looks interesting as it is something as rare as a Tohaa without Symbiont armour. It certainly looks a lot different to the regular Tohaa design, somewhat more feral I'd say. And I really dig it! While I like most Tohaa models just fine I feel that many of them suffer from an overabundance of greeblies - that is to say lots of little details on their suit/armour that doesn't seem to have any other function than simply to provide texture. Nothing wrong with that as such, it's the way they're designed, it just doesn't appeal to me personally. That's why this guy with his smoother armour pieces looks interesting to me. And that big helmet is great as well! Nice dynamic pose with the Igao just about to slash some poor sucker in two! So what kind of unit is it? Well, it seems like the Tohaa has kept a close eye on Yu Jing as this guy is pretty much a Tohaa Ninja. TO camo, Martial Arts L3, Infiltration, Kinematica L1 and Multiterrain. Armed with flash grenades and either a Boarding Shotgun/AP CCW or Combi/DA CCW for 25 and 26 points respectively is a steal in my book! What keeps it grounded is Frenzy which will make the Igao a lot less reliable after his first kill. Still... that's cheap!

Last but not least we have a new Tank Hunter with AP HMG for Ariadna. You can tell that the Ariadna Kazaks are getting a more unified look as their models are updated as this is guy looks very similar to the Spetsnazs we've seen released recently. Which is not a bad thing as the miniatures look great! What we have here is a guy seemingly listening to some advice from his CO or perhaps a crude joke from a brother in arms - machine gun slung over his shoulder - ready to head out into battle. While I like the pose I think it'll look a little odd on the battlefield. While we have plenty of "posing" poses they at least usually have their weapons at the ready. Just a slight immersion breaker when we have a guy taking a rest on the field instead of covering his sector. Bit of a nitpick though. I'm sure he'll find his way into my inevitable Kazak force... ;)

So that was February! My top pick this month is Teucer as that gun is just so damn sexy! If I wasn't a bit tired of Kum bikers the sisters might have taken the top spot. See you soon for the March releases.

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