Tuesday, 14 January 2014

December Releases for Infinity!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

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Let's have a quick intermission before I get into what games I'm looking forward to playing during 2014 and take a quick look at the latest Infinity releases! There was some pretty cool stuff released at the very end of the year and my resolve to go with ALEPH as my second faction is faltering a little. Hehe!

So what have we got?

First out is the resculpt of the old shotgun version of Uxia Mcneill for Ariadna. Although she got a new sculpt not too long ago the shotgun version was really in need of an update so I'm happy to see her. The last sculpt was a very dynamic action-y pose with her sliding along after having popped some baddies with her twin assault pistols. This is a bit more restrained, more looking like Uxia is just stepping around a corner going "a-HA!" or something. Which is pretty cool! I also really like her fatigues and the warm looking sweater and cap. In game she's a camo infiltrator with MSV1, a shotgun and some grenades. Not a bad little package for 28 points.

Next up we have the Celestial Guard re-pack for Yu Jing. This is not terribly exciting, but a smart move from CB's part. Boxes always looks better than blisters and it will help stores keep the stuff in stock more easily. I was going to get the hacker model in any case, but since I don't have the sniper and spitfire models either I'll probably wait and get the whole box. Having two smoke launcher models might actually come in handy!

Number three is another character, namely Bagh Mari Lt. Stephen Rao of PanO. Generally I'm not really a big fan of the PanO aesthetic, or at least not the whole knight thing they've got going. However, I love the Bagh Mari models! Some of the best in the Infinity range I think. So having a special character for them makes me happy! The helmest is unfortunately missing, but this is the norm for characters and Rao does look pretty badass with his little goatee and flowing locks. Hehe! The armour looks great - like an updated version of the old Bagh Mari armour. What has also received an upgrade is the combirifle and for that I'm very grateful! PanO had the weirdest looking weapons until this point. The characteristic backwards magazine is still there, but I'm mostly ok with that, it was the ugly barrel on the old guns I didn't like. This new one looks great though, and the assault pistol looks badass as well! In game he's not all that special, basically a souped up Bagh Mari... but the model on its own is good enough reason to have him in your army!

Now what's this big boy?! It's a Gorgos Squad for the Tohaa of course! There's been a bit of a debate regarding this guy but it seems like most people like him. Myself I'm... not sure. It's cool to have something different and a biological answer to the Cascuda but the model has not won me over quite yet. Well sculpted as always, but I feel the pose is a little off and the "bare" flesh looks a bit weird (yes, it's probably some kind of symbiont armour thing, but still). It's kind of cool in a way but also not so cool in other ways. As you can see I'm of mixed emotions. I do like the little chaksa that tags along and helps the big guy open doors and gives him a soda now and again. He looks neat!

In game it's a pretty standard medium TAG except it comes with two Flammenspeer which is a bit of a novelty! Only two shots might seem like a drawback but I don't think you'd get off more than that in a game anyway. Solid choice if you're into TAGs I'd say.

And finally, we have a new starter box - The Morat Aggresion Forces! I've had plans to get a Combined Army force for a long time, but my mind has always been set on the Shasvaasti. However with these new models I might make a reassesment. However, I'm not quite as head over heels in love with the models as the majority of the community seems to be. They are great looking in so many ways, but I feel they're starting to tread closer to GW territory with the weird body proportions of the new Morats. Yes, they are an alien warrior race so of course they're different from humans, but I can't help but get some bad GW vibes when their hands are as big as their heads! Still, apart from that little niggle they are spectacular! The new redesigned weapons look exactly like you'd expect Morat weaponry would look - blocky and brutish looking but still with a functional finesse to them. The Feurbach of course takes the cake and the Sogarat is my favourite of the bunch! Lovely box!

It's fun seeing some different heavy weapons making into starter boxes, like the rocket launcher and the Feurerbach. Seeing an Oznat for the first time is neat as well and she'll definitely come in handy with that smoke grenade launcher. Really great box that I will struggle not to run out and buy as soon as it hits the streets!

And that's it for December! A pretty good month I think although the Gorgos wasn't quite what I was hoping for. Solid looking Uxia and Rao, a decent repack and a top notch new starter box! The Morat are the winners this month, as far as I'm concerned, but Uxia and Rao aren't far behind.

Now... there's only a couple of weeks until the January releases are revealed. Woo!

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  1. I have mixed feelings on the Morat starter box, mainly because they look vastly different than all the Morat I've already painted...and they look soooo much better to boot!

    Now that Gorgos TAG on the other

    1. Hehe! Yeah... they are quite a large departure from the Morat we've seen so far. I wonder if they'll redot the Yaogats as well soon. Oh, and I just noticed that the vanilla CA starter box has disappeared from the Models section on the Infinity site. Wouldn't mind a new version of that as well!


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