Saturday, 28 September 2013

September Releases for Infinity!

Saturday, September 28, 2013

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 Oh, hai! You thought I had forgotten all about my all time favourite skirmish game did you? Oh, no... I've just been a little lax in my posting of news. Same thing happened last year during the summer months and then I put together a large(ish) post to try and catch up, but I think it's too late for that this time. I'll simply say that there's been some really neat regular releases (Aragoto and Hellcats in particular!) as well as the launch of the new Bootleg line featuring different TAG pilots in various states of undress and cheesecakiness. Hehe!

So, let's look ahead! Or at least let's look at where we are right now. This month has only four releases and I think two of them have been spoiled already, but them's the breaks.

First out we have Nesai Alkê, Thorikatai Warrant Officer. Yet another ALEPH character model, and quite a nice one at that. She's basically a Thorikatai with her armour tightened up considerably so it's less bulky. The pose is more "posey" than "actiony", which is quite common with ALEPH, but I think it works well. The over the top anime hair actually fits her as well - even though that is something that can easily look silly. She's sporting a 360° visor and a Spitfire which combined with a BS of 13 makes for a pretty attractive package for a mere 27 points.

Next up something for Ariadna; the Caledonian Mormaer with a HMG. I've always liked the design of the original Mormaer, but that weird pose always put me off slightly. It reminds me of Dennis' and Charlie's cut off jeans shorts in Always Sunny, and how wide they can stand in them. Anyway! This new guy also has kind of a weird pose, but makes up for it with a big, shooty heavy machinegun! The whole model has a kind of Kerberos Panzer Cops vibe going on, that however is spoiled a little by the loincloth and colourful paintjob (beautiful as it is!). Still, a Mormaer with a HMG is a surely a welcome addition to our fellow Ariadna players.

What's this now? A Croc Man?! Yes, that's right we've got an update for one of the oldest models on the PanO roster! Well, there's the hacker that's a little newer, but still. I've never really been a fan of the Croc Man design and I think CB has done about as well as could be expected from what they had to work with. The mini is decent enough and I do like the high technology of PanO being combined with the traditional look of a Maori warrior, it makes for a nice contrast. In game the Croc Man fills the important niche of cheap-ish camo infiltrator, with antipersonnel mines and an X Visor.

Finally we have the big boy of the bunch, the long awaited "Iguana" Squad for the Nomads. I might have been a little harsh on this months releases, but the Iggy makes up for all of it! The Infinity TAGs have went through a bit of a change since CB started sculpting them digitally. Mostly this is a very good thing, but I must admit that I do miss some of the chunkier designs like the Guija, which feels a lot more reminscent of Masamune Shirow's stuff than this do. On the other hand the model is absolutely gorgeous and with the release of the Corregidor starter box earlier I find it hard to resist starting a Nomad force. Of the new generation TAGs this is probably the one I like the most, with Scarface a close second (Iggy has a better pose though). Rare for a TAG it only has two structure points, but it also comes with an ejector system for the pilot who get to jump out and shoot things up with an HMG when the TAG goes down. And considering the pilot is heavy infantry with two wounds the 73 point price tag almost looks like a bargain!

I keep switching my stare between the Iggy and the new Corregidor box and trying to figure out if I can afford the time and money to get another faction. Hehe! Nesai is also a very nice model and would certainly have a place at my painting table if I ever decide to start ALEPH. The Mormaer and the Croc Man don't feel quite as exciting as the first two but are nonetheless solid releases from a gaming standpoint.

Now let's try and guess what's in store for next month! :)

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  1. Yes, I'd thought you'd forgotten about the "New Release Post" Glad you're back with your take on the new minis. Keep up the good work!

  2. Haha! Thanks. Yeah, it's something about the summer months that makes me go all forgetful like! Back at it now though. :)


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