Thursday, 15 August 2013

SSU Heavy Tank Painted!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

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Here's another little sidetrack that I managed to finish up. the IS-5 heavy tank!

The Mao Zedong variant with its four 85mm anti-aircraft cannons is one of the most feared machines the SSU have, and rightly so! That kind of main armament is a threat to anything on the battlefield and with three DShK machine guns it can really tear apart any infantry squad daring to move that close. While not quite as heavily armoured as its IS-48 cousin it can still take quite a lot of punishment.

The Mao has been a staple for SSU commanders since its arrival, but for some reason I haven't got one until now. At 85 points it doesn't come exactly cheap, but this kind of versatility I think is worth the price you pay. If you're unsure of what the opponent might bring a Mao is always a solid choice, or two.

The Vladimir Lenin variant looks all kinds of badass with its 252mm field mortar, but it's not actually that much better than the more modest Nikita walker (that is also half the price of the Lenin). Also, the main gun must be reloaded between shots further reducing its effectiveness. I'm sure I'll try it out at least once, but if it's artillery I want I think the Nikita or a mortar team might be the better option.

Big and blocky! Yepp, that's Russian alright... 

The Vladimir Lenin.

So now I have both tanks painted and ready to roll! I just need to figure out a list where they both fit. Haha!

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  1. Thanks! I've almost run out of vehicles to paint for my Russians now. I couple of helicopters and a recovery walker... :)


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