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May Releases for Infinity!

Wednesday, June 05, 2013

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A little late on account of the Deadzone kickstarter ($1,200,000!) here are my thoughts on the new May releases for Infinity. We've got a new starter box to have a look at as well as some other assorted goodies. Let's have a look shall we?

Let's start with one of the aliens - the Tohaa Sakiel with Spitfire. Well, it's another Tohaa rocking the Tohaa style and while I quite like that style I kind of feel that the Tohaa miniatures are a lot more homogenous than the other factions. This is good in that the army has a unified look, but it can also make them look a little... samey. Still, this is a cool looking model carrying a spitfire - a weapon you can't go wrong with! The Sakiel are impetuous light infantry who are quite quick and unusally tough, thanks to their symbiont armour in effect giving them two wounds. This rounds out the Sakiel boxed set released earlier.

What's better than a PanO Santiago Knight when you need to get some pesky Tohaa off your back? Well, some Kuang Shi is my answer to anything, but a Knight would do in a pinch. Anyway, here we've got a nimble little thing sporting a combi rifle and a newish style helmet that reminds me of Rocketeer. Seeing that and the backpack thingy I thought "hmm... do Santiago Knights have combat jump" but I suppose it has something to do with their Zero-G skill. I've never been a fan of the odd looking PanO combirifle, but this slightly re-sized variant looks better to my eyes. The pose is quite dynamic with the guy running and gunning, and this time I think they've managed the loin cloth fairly well. Still not perfect, but better than many of the other PanO models. One of the better knights I think.

More aliens, I hear you cry (or is that just SinSynn?!) and indeed there is more! We've seen two nice looking miniatures so far, but it's time to turn up the dial to Corvus Belli's trademarked level 11! The Shasvastii Haiduk with a MULTI sniper rifle is absolutely brilliant! First off I'm sure you've noticed the large scenic base, something not all people like. However, it's been a trend using it on models with the Sapper skill. I think the sculpt and the... feel of the model makes it all worth it though! This is how I imagine the Shasvastii - skulking in the shadows, aiming a sniper rifle at your gonads (or simply impersonating your granny and stabbing you in the spine!). The pose looks comfortable and uncofortable at the same time, that's what you get from alien anatomy I suppose. It looks like the Haiduk is making some slight adjustments to his scope as he's tracking his target. Awesome!

In game the Haiduk makes for a relatively inexpensive sniper. He's not the best, with a BS of 11, but for a sniper BS is usually less important than positioning and with Sapper the Haiduk can be positioned anywhere and still benefit from Mimetism and Partial Cover. Pretty cool! Might have to get this guy simply for painting.

Next up is Diomedes, Ekdromoi Officer of ALEPH. Corvus Belli do like the just-touching-down-from-a-super-jump pose and although it happens that it doesn't really work, this is one of the times that it does. It looks like Diomedes has slowly glided through the air and are now taking that first step back to mother Earth. It's a beautiful sculpt but all these ALEPH characters have made me a little blazé. There's really nothing I seriously can complain about though. Oh, and the Mk12 looks awesome!

Diomedes is basically a souped up Ekdromoi who work well as their heavier backup. An extra wound through No Wound Incapacitation and armament that covers any situation (Mk12, Nanopulser and assault pistol?! Yes please!). AD troops are often specialized in different ways, but Diomedes really could play any role successfully - quite impressive!

Finally the star of this month's releases; the Nomad Corregidor Jurisdictional Command starter box. This has been in the cards for quite some time, as well as many of us wishing for some resculpts of the older Nomad models. Here we get both. Three Wildcats, an Intruder, a Hellcat and an Alguacil hacker, all with combirifles and all new sculpts! Lovely! The Wildcats follow the ones we've seen (Spitfire and Missile Launcher) and look just as good as them - nice poses, awesome armour and sporting the recently re-designed combirifles first introduced in the Reverend Moiras box set. One of the miniatures most in need of re-design in the Nomads range have long been the Intruder. It's a great model in game, probably the best medium infantry of all, but has been stuck with old stiff looking figs that look more and more out of place as newer, more dynamic models are released. This guy looks seriously badass though! The helmet, the armour and the pose simply all work!

The Hellcat of course builds on the one released a few months ago, armed with a boarding shotgun. The sculpt is of the girly pose variety but I quite like it as she still looks like she could kick your ass up and down the block. Finally we've got a good old Alguacil... again re-designed to fit better in with the more modern Nomads of today. All the details have basically been re-sized and made to look more realistic and in scale. She's wearing some kind of helmet and sports a pose that would fit right in in any nineties anime. I've seen people complaining about her, but I think the sculpt has a lot of character!

So May... quite a good month! Awesome looking Haiduk Sniper and an extraordinarily cool Corregidor starter box! I've talked about my plans for starting a merc heavy QK army... but this new starter might make me rethink that. Then again, I might be able to buy my friends vanilla Ariadna starter for cheap so there's that possibility as well. Hrmm... need to ponder this a bit more.

In other news I've been painting some 15mm, I've invested in Torchbearer (PDF in two weeks hopefully!) and have started prepping for running the Star Wars: Edge of the Empire Beginner Game this month. Should be fun!

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    Why yes, that was me you heard.
    Right- Let's just pretend it wasn't a girlish squeal of glee, 'k?

  2. Haha! Thought as much. Well, I'm glad the Haiduk turned out to be such a cool model.. :)

  3. I just followed the link here from the Google group - great blog! Nicely designed!

    I'll re-post what I wrote in the group: I'm almost - ALMOST - kicking myself for getting the Aleph starter. Those Corregidors are fricking awesome... I might pick them up next once I get the Aleph assembled and painted.

    Then again, I have a friend who's thinking about the Nomads - I might leave them to him! There's always Diomedes for my Aleph...

  4. Hello there Rob F! Well, pull up a chair and make yourself at home. Although I haven't played as much Infinity as I would have liked this past year it's still one of my main focii.

    The ALEPH box is nice... but those Nomads. Damn... :)


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