Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Infinity Painting Update!

Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Share it Please

Hello my fellow Mayanauts! It's been a while since I had any painting updates on the blog so I thought I'd show you a couple of models I actually finished in June last year. In preparation for the Paradiso campaign I decided to paint a Doctor, an Engineer, two Yaozao servant remotes and two Pangguling baggage remotes. Actually, I think I mentioned as much in this old post.

Anyway, I haven't really finished as much as I wanted but things are slowly progressing. Up top you can see the Yisheng doctor and Goncheng engineer. They are both part of the older Infinity sculpts but I they still hold up well I think, the only thing looking a bit off is the very large combirifle the doctor is holding. I tried to experiment with some OSL around the doctor's eyepiece and the engineer's googles and although it could be better I think it comes across reasonably well.

The reason I've waited with posting these guys is because I wanted to show the finished Yaozao servant remotes at the same time, but they're still not finished and I think I've been holding off for too long already. I've finished the bases but have yet to paint the actual miniatures (which is a shame considering how quick they would be!). Anyway, here's the state they are in now:

You should see these guys all painted up fairly soon I hope! Neat little models although I think I should have played around with their poses a bit before gluing them down. Oh well.

I've also assembled and magnetized my two Pangguling baggage remotes as that's something you definitely want to bring to the table if you play the campaign! Although I prefer the Yaoxie/Lu Duan a bit more the Pangguling are still pretty cool looking little robots. Normally I would have painted the base before mounting them, but I think there's enough space to get a paintbrush in underneath them. I magnetized the combirifles and the EVO repeater antennas so I'd be able to field them as the minesweeper variant as well if I wanted. It works really well!

For my next purchase I'm debating whether to get some Shaolin monks or the new Bao troops. Hmm... decisions decisions...

4 kommentarer :

  1. My Aswuang is telling me he really wants to spray the girl on the right in the top pic with some sorta adhesive, and then devour her.
    She does look tasty!
    Nice work!

  2. Awesome work Martin! If I ever slip into Infinity it will be because of your blog!

  3. I did, in fact, slip into Infinity because of this blog!

    Looking good by the way!

  4. @SinSynn - Haha! Question is, can an engineer free herself of your sticky adhesive before you get to her?

    @Spacejacker & Mik - Thanks guys! It's just a matter of time I think, Spacejacker! Mik has already seen the light and is helping the Evolved Intelligence gobble up the galaxy... we might need some reinforcements from the Human Sphere. :)


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