Friday, 23 November 2012

November Release for Infinity!

Friday, November 23, 2012

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Yesterday Corvus Belli unveiled the new release for Infinity on their Facebook page. And what a lovely collection of metal! Lets have a look...

First out is the Ariadnan Briscards who are veteran re-enlisted soldiers. I quite like this model. It looks different from most other Ariadna figures, especially the helmet and the Multispectral visor L1 (first for Ariadna, right?). Having the goggles down and binoculars in hand seems a bit odd, but it's not that big of a deal. Compared to the rocket launchers of other factions I actually think this looks both more and less hi-tech. In a way it looks almost disposable - four shots and you just discard it! In game the Briscards have a slightly above average stat line, BS 12 being the most notable, and comes with MSV1 and Courage. They specialise in long range combat so we can expect to see Marksman and Sniper rifle equipped models turning up in the coming months.

This is a Nomad Moderator from Bakunin armed with a MULTI Sniper Rifle. Now this is a lovely sculpt! It's almost a shame that a "lowly" Moderator receive this kind of sculpting love, seeing he will likely only see use in Bakunin sectorials where he can be part of a link team. Still, it's a great looking model for sure. The pose, the extra equipment pouches, the way the rifle rests on the terrain and his little Saito-esque bionic eye all work together perfectly. He comes with his own mobile terrain that I know some people really hate. I don't mind it that much but sure, it can feel out of place if it doesnt fit in with your basing. Glad to see that they did some terrain with a Nomad feel this time around instead of just another rock.

The mighty Ajax the Great for ALEPH has arrived! A lot of people are excited about him, but I'm of two minds. It is a beutifully sculpted model, and the painting is (as always) impeccable, but his over-the-top-ness makes him feel out of place to me. The armour and giant mallet looks like something from Warmachine, rather than from the Infinity setting. Then again, this is ALEPH and they can kind of get away with this kind of stuff. Kind of. Still the model is very dynamic and I think someone is about to get a bad headache. Hehe! I do like it but at the same time, I was attracted to Infinity (partly) because the absence of models like this. Now, this guy is built as a tank and has the profile to match. He's basically a mini-TAG with 5 ARM, 2 W and No Wound Incapacitation. Of course he's also a beast in close combat with 18 CC, 16 PH with Berserk and Natural Born Warrior. Couple this with an explosive close combat weapon and I suggest staying far away from him (although he's also toting two Combi Rifles and a Nanopulser).

The Yu Jing Hac Tao armed with a Heavy Machine Gun is certainly a welcome addition to the game! He's what you get when you are just a few points shy of a proper TAG. This new Hac Tao seems to be a little less smooth than his MULTI Rifle carrying brother, and looks... larger as well (or perhaps that's only because of the re-sized HMG). the pose is none too exciting, but works ok I suppose. This guy has me excited from a gaming perspective more than a modellers perspective though - great stats, great weaponry and TO camo makes the Hac Tao a solid choice for any Yu Jing army. Expensive though. I've had the other two Hac Tao models for a while now, but I haven't started painting them. As I saw this new guy I could almost hear the MULTI Rifle version scream "Dang it! Now I'm never getting painted!". Hehe!

The Hatails Spec Ops for the Tohaa looks all kinds of badass! I think he might have climbed to the top of the pile as best looking Spec Ops model for me. Just like all the Tohaa his armour is fairly greebly with lots of little details, but on top of that this guy is sporting his own personal (I imagine) sports jacket and big shooty right arm extension! The helmet looks great as well (although that might be because it reminds me of the lovely Druze) and it works both bare and with the hood up. He's striking quite a pose but it works well and the combination of big gun in his right hand and smaller gun in his left makes him look quite menacing. We've got an interesting range of Viral weaponry in the pack as well; a Viral Combi Rifle, Viral Sniper Rifle and Viral Close Combat Weapon. Of all the Tohaa models we've seen so far this is the one that has made me consider getting a Tohaa force of my own.

Alright, we'll end with something that is last but certainly not least, the Mercenaries Scarface & Cordelia. These guys were available for a little while as a special promotion with Battlefoam, but are now free for all to get. Weee! If the Haitals is my favourite Spec Ops, Scarface is my favourite TAG. It's similar to the Japanese O-Yoroi but with better proportions (and no beer belly). Just like that TAG the pilot's arms are visible which is something I've always thought looks cool. I'm not sure about going with the Panzerfaust and Machete as weapons do brandish about but I'm sure we'll se plenty of conversions where those two Mk12's will come into play (although, they are very big and I wonder if that might look odd as well). Besides the big, hulking, awesome looking TAG we get Cordelia as well and she's a pretty great model too! Utalitarian with a punk streak (fitting for a merc) and striking a cocky pose is right up my alley.

In game Scarface is a lighter TAG with stats a bit lower than we've come to expect from these things. He also has Frenzy meaning he'll become Impetuous after causing his first casualty. This could be great or it could be a disaster, depending on the circumstance, but as long as you take it into account it should at least be manageable. Cordelia has standard light infantry stats and come with a Combi Rifle, Chain Colt (woo!) and D-Charges and, more importantly, she's an Engineer! This means you get a TAG and an accompanying Engineer for only 69 points. That's damn cheap if you ask me! Sure, it's a lighter version and might go crazy on the board, but still... 69 points! I might have to start a Qapu Khalqi force!

All in all a pretty great month of releases! Scarface & Cordelia is my personal choice of the weak but both the Bakunin sniper and the Hatails come close. The Hac Tao is of course what I'm most excited to actually get my hands on and put in my force. Corvus Belli just keeps putting out spectacular looking stuff! I'm about half way through the Paradiso campaign book and it's great for both introducing scenarios but also for advancing the storyline and generally providing inspiration. More on this later...

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