Monday, 26 November 2012

Liebster Blog Award!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Share it Please

Yepp, it's another communal blog award/viral/chain-letter doing the rounds in our part of the sphere and I've been fortunate enough to be awarded not only once, but three times! First by Jody at Frontline Gamer, then by Joakim (a fellow Swede!) at The Miniatures Man and finally by Vladdd309 of Too Much Free Time. I guess if I would have been a little quicker writing this post I could have avoided this little pile-up. :)

Nevertheless, many thanks for the awards guys! While I'm usually not one to pay much attention to stuff like this, an excuse to promote some other awesome blogs is always welcome. The idea is to post five awards of my own (preferably to blogs with less than 200 followers) and let them know via a comment on their blog. Now, as far as I'm concerned I don't follow any bad blogs so any of them would fit among these five, but considering the restriction on 200 followers and which blogs I'd like to promote a little extra I've narrowed it down to these five. I did borrow some pictures from your respective sites guys, but let me know if you want them removed. :)

Dropship unloading.
Clear Horizon - This is the home of Mr Harold, who's quite well known in the 15mm sci-fi community. Besides being incredibly prolific and coming up with new stuff all the time the thing I like the most about this blog are the pictures. Nice miniature painting, terrain, lighting and photography skills result in pictures that never fails to inspire my own 15mm adventures!

Beautiful Minbari fleet from B5.
My Ever Growing Fleets - Although Matgc have been drawn back into 40k recently his huge collection of different spaceship fleets is the main reason for the award. While Fire Broadside started out as a spaceship painting blog these days the spaceships are few and fare between (will have to do something about that), however over at My Ever Growing Fleets they are everywhere! He even has his own rules system worked out, called Pax Stellarum.

A Nomad Zero painted by Tyler.
The General's Tent - Tyler Provick's little corner of the web might not see updates all that often, a couple of times per month usually, but when the posts turn up they are usually thoughtfull, instructive and/or full of beautifully painted miniatures! Many different style of miniatures are covered, like Heavy Gear, Infinity, Napoleonics as well as roleplaying games etc.

Delta Vector - Another blog with a fairly eclectic selection of topics by EvilleMonkeigh. Ranging from constructing your own spaceship combat rules set to talking about whether Joe Abercrombie might be better than GRR Martin Delta Vector is always an interesting read. Lately there has been quite a few review as well, and not of the same hyped games everyone else is reviewing but usually lesser known stuff like Scramble! and Empire of the Dead.

Scourge from Dropzone Commander.
Anarchy of Anton - I've only recently started following this blog but have been impressed by painting and terrain building. Lots of different games so there should be something for everyone! Some nice painting tutorials and other general good stuff to get you inspired to get cracking on your own projects. Glad I found it!

So those are my five Liebster awards! Go check them out and make sure to have a look at their backlog of posts as there are a lot of good stuff hidden away there.

Now I'm going to do some studying, cook some dinner and then hopfully have time to continue on my Dust Warfare speed painting project! More on this later...

5 kommentarer :

  1. Great choices, and I only know about half so I'll be checking the rest out.

  2. That was quick! Haha! Hopefully the lesser known blogs will get a much deserved bump in traffic. :)

  3. Congrats, well deserved and I'll go check these out.

  4. thanks for the award, glad you like my random ramblings...

  5. @Angry Lurker - Please do! Well worth a visit and a follow.

    @Anton - Haha! Random ramblings is pretty much what I do on here myself, so of course I like it. ;)


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