Friday, 23 March 2012

March Releses for Infinity!

Friday, March 23, 2012

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That time of the month again! The Infinity website is buckling under the pressure even though the new releases were announced on Facebook yesterday. So what do Corvus Belli have for us this month? Let's have a look...

I think I need to start with Sun Tze v.2 (Marksman Leader) as it's simply an amazing model! Very reminiscent of the Crane Agent that we got a couple of months back except with lighter armour, a bare head and a nice big MULTI sniper rifle. Great sculpt and the definitite "winner" this month as far as I'm concerned. The old v.1 sculpt pales in comparison! He's not a bad choice in-game either with Strategos L3, No Wound Incapacitiation and good stats all around. Pricey though...
A lot of people have been waiting for the Druze Shock Team and now they're finally here! Again, great sculpts; they certainly have a hi-tech special ops team look to them. Reminds me of the bots in the Keloid trailer. Getting four in a box is nice, even though they only have AVA 2 (4 in Qapu Khalqi). No Spitfire though. They'll find their way into my collection for sure.

Speaking of Spitfires, next up is a Gwailo with one! For a long time I've been thinking of doing a Shasvaasti sectorial with a Gwailo link-team and this just inspires me more! The sculpt work is very nice as always although I would have liked a different pose. This one looks very similar to the last one we got, just leaning the other way.

More Spitfires for the people! We saw this Hafza last week after the tournament in Barcelona and it's a great addition to the rather static sculpts we've had up until now (plus a big gun). Someone on the forum said that it looks like he's saying "Come at me, bro!" and I kind of agree. Haha! Are Hafzas bros? Gaming-wise he's an above average Light Infantry with a cheap Spitfire and Holoprojector L1.
Last but not least is a new starter box for the Force de Response Rapide Merovingiènne, a French-themed sectorial of Ariadna. It includes the Zouaves from last month and a slighlty resculpted (new arms) Moblot girl. It's also only the second starter to inlude a HMG, the other one being the Caledonian box. Ariadna is also a strong contender for second faction for me and the French troops look so nice! Especially the Métros!

Corvus Belli have really spoiled us these last few months as we have just got more and more awesome stuff! I'm really happy with the stuff we got now in March and I'm looking forward to next month as CB has said that there will be some re-sculpts and alternative weapon loadouts coming for Yu Jing. I would love some new Invincibles, Shaolin Monks and a new Ko Dali for starters. And a Spitfire Shàng Jí of course...

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  1. Yep looks like we're pretty much on the same wavelength again Martin. :) However, the Druze are AVA 4 in a Qapu Khalqi sectorial force.

  2. Indeed, I realized my mistake as I was browsing the forums. I'm quite happy this month! Lots of good stuff.

    For my other readers, if you want to read another (although eerily similar) rundown of this months releases have a look at Frontline Gamer as well. :D

  3. Thanks for the shout out Martin, but I get the distinct impression that our 'Followers' list aren't too dissimilar either!!! :P

  4. Power of Hafza lies in they ability to link with other troops in QK. Imagine 5 man Link Team of rifle Ghulams. Suddenly - two of them become Hafzas with Spitfire... It's a nasty suprise for your opponent.

  5. @Frontline - Too true! I'd love to be able to say "head on over to Frontline Gamer to read a radically different view of the new releases" but I just don't see it happening. Hehe!

    @Tomasz - That IS a nasty surprise! I'm not that well versed when it comes to the Haqq sectorials. Thanks for the warning! ;)

  6. @Martin I just take our similarities in opinion that we're both clearly right and 100% awesome. :P

  7. I'd like to see a re-sculpted Combined Army starter sometime soon. Those Morat Vanguards are looking their age. The Shock Troops win this month in my eyes. Sun Tzu is fine, but I can't understand why CB insists on having some of their minis standing on top of debris. It makes them so much hard to put on custom bases!

  8. Yes, I wouldn't mind a new CA starter either. The worst offender in my eyes is the Charontid though. I'm sure it's partly because of that horrible pastel paint job he has, but the sculpt itself is also one of CB's very few... less good. ;)

    While it can be a hassle to switch the pieces of debris to something more fitting to your own basing style, I can understand that CB sometimes want to make poses that simply demand them. I like them better without, but I'm also quite liking that Sun Tze pose. Hmm...


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