Friday, 9 March 2012

Alien Hovels, Interstellar Spaceships and Major Kusanagi

Friday, March 09, 2012

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Yepp... candy!

Last month I ordered some 15mm stuff from GZG, some 15mm and spaceships from RavenstarStudios and last week I ordered Tomoko and Isseki from Hasslefree Miniatures.

You might recognize Tomoko and Isseki as their twins Motoko and Batou from the Ghost in the Shell franchise. There's a metal version of Motoko as well, but I really don't like the gun on that version so paid some extra to get the resin one. They are both spectacular sculpts and look just like their Japanese counterparts. Only Batou's cybernetic eyes are missing. I think I'll make my own somehow, either using greenstuff or perhaps simply insterting a couple of small rods in his eye sockets. You could argue that the Motoko's pose is a bit on the dainty side, and I'd be inclined to agree but it's not too bad.

I'm planning to use Motoko as a stand-in for Shinobu Kitsune or just as a regular Oniwaban now and then. Don't know where Batou would fit in but the minis are just too cool not to get. Oh, and this was actually the first time I have ordered from Hasslefree! Crazy, right? I don't know if it was because it was my first time, or if they always do it, but my package included some chewie candy. Thanks guys and gals, they were tasty! :)

Sorry everything is still bagged up but it was simply too much to be able to cram into one photo if opened up. :)

From GZG I got the colonial settlement set (aka crusty hovels) as well as some assorted scatter terrain. Jon was also kind enough to include an extra shipping container and some droids and drones. More and more good looking 15mm sci-fi terrain is turning up on the market these days but these shanty buildings are still among my favourites. Incredibly characterfull and with many different ways of assembly means you could build up a whole town of these! For me they'll be used as run down Mars settlements as well as prawn/crustie hovels.

Right now I'm pondering how I should base them. Leaning towards 10cm squares or so which would make it easy to build roads and plazas with them. The shipping container and scatter terrain will probably go on the same bases to add some character (although I need scatter terrain separately as well).

Love the design of the Deisho! Reminds me of the Sulaco but taken to the next level.

From Chris at Ravenstar I ordered a few of the smaller Deisho ships (up to cruiser size) and a Slasher dronebot. There was so much more I wanted to get (Thunderfoot!) but I had to be stingy this time. However Chris included a couple of bonus pieces as well, a hoverjeep and a Deisho battleship!

First off the ships are really great sculpts! If I didn't know better my initial reaction would be that they are 3D printed. Huge amount of detail that easily rivals the stuff Spartan Games put out. There was a little bit of flash, especially on the smaller pieces and I did spot a couple of tiny bubbles. But nothing major really. I'm really excited to get started with these ships, although I still haven't decided on a colour scheme. I think they will paint up beautifully!

Hoverjeep and menacing slasher drone in pieces. Lots of different weapon loudouts available!

The Slasher drone will be used as heavy support for my crusties. It's a large bugger though, definitely in the small to medium mech class. The totempole design combined with the insectile legs made it feel alien and like it should fit well with the crusties. It's certainly large enough to be used in 28mm scale as well where it could work as a largish (TAG sized) drone. Since I'm going full on District 9 with my crusties I'm thinking a dark blue paintjob with some orange detailing. The hoverjeep feels like a futuristic Humvee (and is surprisingly large!) and will most likely find use as a police vehicle. I can really see it in a blue/grey and white colour scheme.

So plenty of stuff to keep me busy! Of course at the moment I'm in an Infinity paintings phase so it might be a while before I get around to this. Hmm... my 28mm backlog is shrinking while my 15mm backlog just keeps growing! Haha!

Speaking of Infinity, what should I paint next? My two Hsien, my doctor and engineer (plus Yáozăo) or a Yáokòng remote? Tell me. TELL ME!!

4 kommentarer :

  1. I think you should start the painting with the spaceships, but I'm probably biased here. :P

  2. @Matgc - Biased I'd say! Haha! :D

    Have no fear, there will be some painted Deisho in the not too distant future. At the moment however I'm focusing on getting my Yu Jing into high gear!

  3. I'd suggest to go on the engineer, than on the Doc.
    They'll be great to use in game and will shorten your Infinity queque.

  4. @Rob89 - Yeah, the doc and engineer would probably be the quickest to paint and if I want to make it in time for Miniature Monday that is something to keep in mind. :)


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