Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Tanks in the mail!

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Share it Please

After an extended holiday here in Sweden (Feast of Ascension... although Sweden is a very secular country) I had a bunch of stuff turning up at my doorstep yesterday; some bases from, some different bases from EM4 Miniatures, Bad Company 2 from (which I couldn't actually play due to my Japanese xbox!) and some replacement parts from Corvus Belli. There was also a slip telling me that I had something awaiting pickup at the local supermarket. I headed out there this morning and it turned out to be almost a kilogram worth of tanks and infantry courtesy of Jon over at Ground Zero Games!

Some hovertanks (including the new Wittmann class) and some of the new UNSC infantry packs. That HAMR is looking nasty!

EDIT: And, a bit more than a year later here they are all painted!

6 kommentarer :

  1. Always nice to get good wanted stuff in the mail.

  2. Haha! Very true! It almost felt like Christmas. :)

    And if i remember correctly I still have one or two things in transit...

  3. No! Must resist Hover purchases... The Whittmann turret looks very slick indeed.
    Have fun with these Martin!

  4. I think my grunts will really appreciate the ride. So far they've had to footslog it all across Mars. ;)

    I guess you'll be busy with the Micropanzer walkers though!

  5. Well Jack, hopefully they'll look even better when painted and based! :)


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