Friday, 3 June 2011

New Project: AE Necromunda!

Friday, June 03, 2011

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I think I mentioned in an earlier post that I was considering getting some of Pig Iron's Kolony Ferals to use as Scavvies for Necromunda. It's been rolling around at the back of my head, but while Necromunda is the single GW game I've played the most number of times in my days (possibly challenged by Space Marine) the rules could be better. The strength of Necromunda is its theme and to an extent the campaign rules. I don't necessarily mean the campaign rules are exceptionally good, but they do convey a lot of theme. Let's say it again together: Theme!

Kolony Feral command. I think the guy with the circuit board would make a good chief. He looks like a people person...

It was when I read this review of AE Bounty over at BGG and then this one at WarGameGuru that things started to come together in my mind. Now, I haven't got my copy of AE Bounty yet (ordered cheaply from Bookdepository though) but it seems like a really fun skirmish system that's very customizable when it comes to put together your crew. If you're interested in miniature skirmish games in any way, I implore you to read those two reviews! Anyway, this got me thinking about Necromunda and how I'd like to play in that setting, but maybe with some more modern rules. The two seems to go together very well, with AE Bounty even having campaign rules and a boatload of suitable scenarios.

Now this is a kind of slow cooking project as well as being a pretty low-profile thing since the investments are quite cheap. The first step is simply to sit down and read through AE Bounty, which I hear is a delightfully small size, and see how I could adapt some regular Necromunda gangs to the rules format, starting with my Delaque. Then I'll see if I can get together with Anders and play a couple of games to get the feel of it. I've been wanting to re-visit my old Necromunda minis (and the paper terrain!) but have been putting it off because of the rules.

Then if we like it and it's malleable enough to turn into an ersatz Necromunda I'll get a bunch of Ferals and start painting! Or to be honest, I'll probably get some anyway and if I never use them I'll enjoy looking at them from time to time as they sit on the shelf. Pig Iron Productions have a lot of good looking models, but the Ferals were the ones that really caught my eye. And they look much more nasty and dangerous than the slightly cartoony Scavvy models that GW released back in the day. The newer ones are better in some ways and worse in others, but still don't compare to the Ferals.

I do need something to use as scalies though. Maybe something like Large Belly from Eden, it could be used almost as-is. Studio McVey's Jagganat Heavy (see left) would look awesome, just have a huge spear stick out of that barrel! I'd have to de-tech him a bit though. Or I could go a completely different way with something like Hans the Hunter from Incursion. Hmm... any other suggestions?

Now, this is a future project to be sure. Currently I'm eagerly waiting a recent order from GZG with some 15mm hover tanks and some new UNSC stuff! Hopefully you'll see a review of it here next week.

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  1. This may well be the future. Mixing and matching settings, rulesets and minis for the optimal effect, to better reflect our interests, understandings and creativity, or to do things now the way we couldn't then. Wonderful post again - if it does get going, it'll great fun to follow, more inspiration.

  2. I may be imagining it (or simply widening my horizons) but it seems to me that there is a growing trend where players "break free" and start experimenting a lot more than what was common just a a few years ago. It's a very liberating experience when you just let yourself go.

    Hopefully I can convince my rather orthodox friends about it too. Hehe!

  3. So I stumbled across your blog yesterday. (from either Mik's Minis or Porky's Expanse i guess)

    Between this post, the reviews you linked to and some googling, I got interested enough to brave the Friday Afternoon, getting out of the city for the wekend rush-hour traffic to get to my FGS. Lo and behold, after some searching I found their only slightly battered copy and liberated it to fulfill it's purpose in life.

    Seems to be a great little system. Although a crew selection example would have been nice. And that font on that background; had to break out the reading glasses. And I have an urge to convert it to D10s for some reason I cannot fathom.

    So I just wanted to say thanks. I was faintly aware of this game-but probably never would have taken a look at it without this post.

  4. GSV, first off - great name for a blog. Second - AWESOME! This alone validates this entire site! :)

    Glad you survived the traffic and were able to secure your own little corner of the AE universe. I haven't got my book yet (some time next week most likely) but I'm really eager to dig into it and see what I can do with it.

    What's your plan with it? Just use whatever minis you fancy, or do you have something more particular in mind?

  5. Good call! I received my copy of AE:Bounty yesterday, and a quick read had me thinking along the same lines of you (except my focus is more on Rogue Trader crews zipping around the frontier, which this system handles very well). Darkson produce their own downloadable magazine with rules add-ons, so maybe some new Crew Templates that better reflect 'Watsteland Scavengers' and the likes might be a good way to go?
    You could also have a look at the Vortex system, which attempts to cover the same type of ground.

  6. That's another excellent theme for a crew, and one I might very well copy in the future. I had plans to do a Rogue Trader crew in the Lead Painters League, but never got around to it. This gives me another reason. And I could use them for our RPG campaign if that ever get off the ground. :)

    Without having read the book yet it seems like a pirate crew would be most fitting for low-lives like Scavvies, but I might very well see what I could come up with myself as I get more comfortable with the system. Another Necromunda trope I'd like to integrate is the territories. I love that about Necromunda and how you can use it to tell stories and theme your gaming table.

    Will have a look at Vortex System as well. Thanks Colonel!

  7. I finished just to read the dowmloads 19 and 20 of AE-Bounty. Great background stories
    that made me sell my squat army on e-bay. It's still for sale another 4 days.
    I accept an offer of 260£. With that money I will buy minis from Star wars, zombiesmith, pulp city and reaper chronoscope. My core rulebook and starterset is on the way. AE-Bounty must be the best game released in 2010. I wish you the best with your new project. freaky fre.


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