Monday, 2 May 2011

First (test) Game of Infinity!

Monday, May 02, 2011

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Perfectly clear, right?

Today I met up with MartinH and we had our first test game of Infinity. And even though it was only to start learning the rules and we setup pretty much in each other's faces we had a lot of fun! I see a huge amount of potential in this game...

I used what I had painted, namely three Zhanshi, a Tiger Soldier with a HMG and a Domaru Butai with a boarding shotgun. Martin, who plays Ariadna, had three Line Kazaks, a Highlander Grey Rifle and a Chasseur. However, we decided to make the Chasseur a Line Kazak as we wanted to save the camo rules for next time.

Like I said we setup reeeeally close to each other just to get things rolling and I started by setting up a suppression fire corridor with my Tiger Soldier, mostly to try it out, but also to prevent those Kazaks from advancing too quickly. Then I positioned the rest of my guys so they'd be able to make some effective ARO's. Then it was the Ariadnian turn. Martin decided to risk the ARO's and while he lost a Line Kazak to one of my Zhanshi, he managed to down another and wound my Domaru Butai! He also advanced his Grey Rifle a bit, but not too far.

The next turn I took a huge unnecessary risk with my Tiger Soldier by peaking around the corner where two  Kazaks were waiting. I was hoping that my higher Ballistic Skill and amount of fire would see me through, but in the end I only managed to down one of the Kazaks while the other put my Tiger Soldier out of action. The Domaru took up the same suppresive fire position as the Tiger Soldier had had earlier while my last two Zhanshi advanced on the right flank.

In his next turn the Martin threw a smoke grenade with his Grey Rifle, allowing him to cross the suppresive fire corridor I had set up with the Domaru and unload on my two Zhanshi with his two light shotguns! It was a smart move and even more effective since my two minis were bunched up, meaning he could hit both with the scatter from the shotguns. In the end he only managed to hit once, but it was enough to down both of the targets. Eek!

Now... I only had the Domaru left and we still hadn't tried out close combat. So gritting her teeth she ran straight into the guns of two Kazaks and charged! She was lucky and managed to dodge both shots and the poor Kazak at the receiving end of her katana didn't last long! Unfortunately that triggered the Domaru's Frenzy and from next turn she'd be Impetuous, meaning that she'd have to move towards the closest enemy model. This doesn't always have to be bad as it's essentially a free move and action for your model, but the way my Domaru was positioned at the time it didn't look good...

Martin used this to his advantage and used suppresion fire with both his remaining soldiers, aiming where he knew the Domaru would emerge from cover. What he didn't expect was that she'd first manage to out-shoot and then out-dodge their combined fire and ended up in close combat with the Grey Rifle! There was a glimmer of hope for me as we rolled the dice since I definitely had the advantage (although chances were great that we'd both die) but alas, it was not to be. We both managed to hit each other (which can happen because the Domaru is Berserk) but I failed my ARM roll while Martin passed his.

So victory to the Ariadnian dogs! Just you wait...

Of course, this wasn't a "proper" game, but even from this little appetizer it feels to me like Infinity is a great game! It's very different from the miniature games I've played before and it forces you to really think tactically.

Sorry that there aren't more pictures, but I forgot all about it mid-way through. Only took the one. I'll do better next time!

6 kommentarer :

  1. I'll be looking forward to more Infinity reports, the game's been on my radar for a long time...solid rules, beautiful (but expensive!) minis, the works.

  2. There'll absolutely be more Infinity stuff. I have a feeling that this game will really work well in our group. :)

    They are expensive, but since you don't need all that many of them it feels ok for me.

  3. I think I'll be keeping an eye on these rules, but I've got a ton of stuff do to already! Still ... it does seem like fun ...

  4. Hehe! Always too many projects cooking right? I know the feeling. I do think that Infinity has the potential to become the go-to game in our group though.

    I definitely think you should at least give it a look. Beasts of War has a lot of good info from their Infinity Week and the official site is very good as well. You can download both the rulebook and the expansion for free and there's also a wiki that covers all the rules (if only more game companies would do this!).

    In any case, I'm sold. Haha!

  5. Looking forward to hearing more - is that terrain from toposolitaro?

  6. It is indeed Toposolitario! So far I've only made the iKubes and a temporary play mat, but I'll give a few of the other kits a go in the future as well. Excellent stuff!


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