Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Warhammer Invasion!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

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Hey there good people!

My friend Anders bought Warhammer Invasion around the time it was released but still hadn't got around to play it until this Sunday. We cracked it open had a look at the cards and rules and sat down to play our first few games. Being an old Chaos general in Warhammer Fantasy Battle I picked that deck while Anders commanded the Empire. We played two games and I managed to win both times, the second time with the help of my mightly Bloodthirster! Then we tried Orcs vs Dwarfs, and this time I didn't fair as well. The dwarf deck is a pretty tough nut to crack, and although the orcs can do quite a bit of damage I lost in just a few turns.

We played two more games today, first off with Chaos vs Empire again. This was a very fun game where Anders really put on the pressure early, heavily damaging my capital. Mid-game I turned things around with a combination of my Nurgle Sorcerer, Chaos Knights and some Nurglings.
Mid-point of the game. I just managed to deploy my Knights.

I was more or less able to kill off Anders' units as fast as he could get them out and when I summoned the Bloodthirster it was just a matter of time. As you can see from the pictures I was in a really bad position (one area of my Capital was burning and you loose if you get a second) but Invasion is a sneaky game where you always can make a comeback! Well, almost always.

What my side of the table looked like at the end of the game. What a difference a Bloodthirster makes... :)

And what the burning Empire capital looked like. Juice for the Juicegod!

Our last game was again with me trying on the Orcs against Anders' Dwarfs. This was a much more even match although there was several turns in the beginning of the game where I didn't draw any units and hence left my Capital wide open to attack. Although I did manage to catch up later on with some pretty hard-hitting units and razing one area of the Dwarf Capital Anders had too much of a head start and I lost to one of his heros. Great fun though!

My Capital at mid-game. As you can see it's sorely lacking in actual units. With no solid defence I was a sitting duck...

It's really a game I like and the designer Eric Lang (who's also responsible for Chaos in the Old World) is definitely someone to keep an eye on. I'm tempted to buy some battle packs and start experimenting with deck building, but I think I'll try to resist. At least until I know how good or bad the recently announced Lord of the Rings LCG is.

Next time I'll talk a little bit about this:

Good night folks!

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