Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Three hard hitting Jaguars!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

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Finished up the three Dragoon Squad Jaguars today and here are the results:

Combat Group Leader with Medium Assault Cannon and Light Rocket Pack/36.
EDIT: Looking at this picture now I realize that I obviously have to paint the magnet in the right hand green so it looks like one of the grenades!


Squaddie with Medium Assault Cannon and Anti-Gear Missiles. As you can see this and the CGL above have their stocks in a recessed position. This wasn't something I'd planned, but when the stock broke on a two of the guns I decided to model it this way. In the end I actually like them better this way.


Again with the same armament as above.


The up and coming Dragoon Squad. These guys are the heavy hitters in my starting force. 

What's finished so far. Now I have two more Cheetahs to paint for the Dragoons, and then I'm done with Gears. For now. Infantry awaits!

So far things are shaping up nicely, although from now on I think I'll stick to painting just two miniatures at a time. I think I'm more effectice that way. They are fun to paint though! I might have to get cracking on some of those Jovican Chronicles EXO-armours I got my hands on a while back when I'm done with these.

5 kommentarer :

  1. Thanks! :)

    I really like the Jaguar model. It's big and blocky and just looks plain vicious! Hehe!

  2. Yeah, Jags are real nice, but I wouldn't say "vicious", that's something more appropriate for the southern designs. On the other hand, the southern gears just don't radiate the same raw power as the northern ones do. :o)

    So... What have you planned once the dragoon and recon are done ? Infantry ?

  3. Yepp, what I've bought so far are these two squads and an infantry platoon.

    I have one Jaguar left over that will find a home in some future squad. I'm kind of having an eye on a GP squad. It just feels right to have one. :)


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