Thursday, 17 December 2009

Mechas in the Mail!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

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So, instead of taking 2-3 weeks my order from DP9 took 2-3 days and arrived today in all its glory. Behold!

That's one Recon squad, a Cheetah two-pack, two Jaguar two-packs, an Infantry platoon and some extra rifles. And just out of the kindness of their hearts the Podders threw in a Heavy Gear tape measure. Weee!! They were also nice enough to mark down the prize as $40 and tagging it as a gift. Such sweet guys. Hehe!

I was really impressed by the sculpts! The models certainly look nice enough on the web site, but actually seeing them in the flesh (metal?) made me realize how well detailed they are.

I started playing around with one of the Jaguars and thought I'd might be able to put it together for some quick snaps tonight, but it turned out my glue had gone bad and I couldn't find my file. I guess that means a trip to Tokyu Hands tomorrow.

So expect a Jaguar prototype within the next few days...

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