Friday, 18 December 2009

Magnetic Jaguar

Friday, December 18, 2009

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Today I managed to swing by Tokyu Hands after work and picked up some new glue and also some Blue Tak to be able to pose the models better. And I found my file as well!

I put together a Jaguar just to get a feel of the figures and how time consuming the magnetization would be. I think it'll be fairly quick actually once I've standardized all the hard points and know where to drill.

Again I have to comment on the quality of the sculpts. When I got the package yesterday I was a bit surprised at how (relatively) small the gears are. Of course I knew the scale, and even the size from before, but because of the great detailing the miniatures simply look a lot bigger in pictures. I know I'm gushing a bit but damn.... they're really nice looking!

Pictures below...

Here are the separate parts. However, notice that I've already glued the legs together.

All the parts put together and magnetized with the weapon lodout layed out. As you might be able to tell from this photo I haven't actually done anything with the MAC. It's rather thin and won't support a magnet, so tomorrow I'll get some paper clips I can cut up and insert pieces of instead. The magnet in the hand is strong enough to make this work I think.

Here you can see the three hardpoints I magnetized. Initially I was considering doing the left hand as well, but it seems superfluous.

Dragoon Loadout: Medium Assault Cannon and Anti-Gear Missile Launcher (as well as an Anti-Personel Grenade Launcher and three Hand Grenades of course).

Recon Loadout: Heavy Rifle and Light Rocket Pack/32.

The magnets work perfectly! The only trouble I've had so far is that I managed to switch the polarity on one of the shoulder magnets and had to redo it. It's very easy to do even though you're careful.

For those who might be interested I'll have more detailed pictures of the magnetizing process later on. However, I'm thinking about maybe painting this guy before continuing with the rest.

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